Rise of the Conscious Latina; Clarion Call

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It’s time. Time for all latinas to come together;¬† share stories, have a voice, speak up, get healing, get empowered. Build a sisterhood.¬† What does it mean to be conscious? It means to be awake, to educate yourself, raise your vibration, and to stop thinking and acting small. Time to shift out of the role we have inherited in playing. ¬† It’s time to be heard, to reclaim your power, your identity, and you r voice.¬† Time to Wake up drop the mask¬† and get real connect to your soul.¬† It’s time to understand what feminism is about and find out why these concepts and ways of seeing the world were not widespread in the latino communities. Remember the feminist and civil rights movement of the 70’s? These issues are still very important to day they haven’t gone away as some people suggest, power between the sexes are no where near equal and you will¬† get some examples¬† below so¬† keep reading. ¬† As latinas we don’t only deal with our own oppression as women, we also have classism, racism, and white privilege to deal with, this article is written for the Latina women that doesn’t understand how this all applies to them even though these issues effect every area of our lives and health and the lives of children and families. These may be things you think about¬† but you never share out loud with anyone. This may be completely new ways of thinking for you. If you are unhappy or miserable in anyway in your life maybe some of things discussed may be the reason why.

This is important work. This work is not about division. The division already exist.  This is about  unity and coming together in a new way.  The work that I am calling latinas to do  is a  very important part of this  huge planetary energetic shift  everyone is talking about. This will not resonate with everyone. My goal  with this blog article is to deconstruct all the spiritual and academic mumbo jumbo and language I have been studying for over 20 years and  break it down in everyday language. I am trying to share some knowledge with the hopes it empowers you and makes you think. I also want to  explain how this will affect our lives and the role it serves for the planet. We are integrating the divine feminine and balancing our polarity-our masculine and feminine sides. Metaphysically speaking; what you do to you and your family affects  the whole planet because we are all  connected and what you do to yourself affects all of us.  By taking this kind of responsibility for your life we will come together and  raise the vibration of the planet and integrate the divine feminine by making these changes within our own bodies, thoughts,  and souls. In order to balance our power we have to stop acting like victims in our own personal lives.  I  invite you my Latina sister to claim your role as a beautiful divine queen; to take back your power, connect to your soul, heal yourself, connect to  the earth and stop acting small. Invite the energy of the divine feminine into your life and let it transform your life.


Why? Because our community needs you to. The planet needs you to. This¬† has huge implications politically. Integrating the divine feminine is shifting the balance of power. When you reclaim your power and start standing up for things in your life it will shift the dynamics in your families and in the¬† larger community which will in turn shift the planet.¬† Politics quite simply is about power, it’s about who gets what and why. It’s time for resources to be spread more equally, it’s time for¬† the silent and the oppressed and the undervalued¬† to claim their value and worth and speak up. How else can we get help and change things if we don’t speak up? Silence hasn’t been working for us at all. It’s time to let go of the shame and stand up and be heard¬† and to fight for our rights. As latinas we have more power than we think and we don’t even¬† realize it. In fact we are conditioned to think we have no power and to act small.¬† But the facts are¬† Latinas are a growing and influential group¬† in the United States. Not only Latinas but Latinos¬† in general. The Latina share of the female population in the United States will increase from 16.4 percent today to 25.7 percent in 2050. Think of all those voters. How you think, how you behave where and how you spend your money has power. Latinas are making significant strides in education, participation, health, and in many areas so let’s keep going.¬† The majority of California alone is made up of Latinos that are US born and yet they have the worst rates of high school drop outs, health issues, and¬† poverty.

So what do I mean how does this all affect us and play out in our everyday lives? As women, as latinas we have lost our voices ! We have lost our power! Did we ever even have it? Here are some examples.

  • We are oppressed, controlled, and overburdened¬† by the men in our lives. Many of us are abused mentally, emotionally and ignored and feel more like prisoners manipulated with guilt, deception, intimidation. If we try to gain equality we are punished.¬† We have to learn to identify healthy¬† emotionally mature men and hold them to higher standards. We have to stand up and step into our power lovingly.
  • We are held back by¬† restrictive and oppressive cultural rules and unreasonable expectations (Burdened with too many responsibilities, restrictive labels)
  • Inherited poverty ( Burdened with having to bear the brunt¬† for extended families members that can’t financially, mentally and emotionally take care of themselves. There are¬† numerous single mothers with fathers that are MIA and won’t financially contribute. We need to learn about assertiveness and boundaries.
  • Heavy family restrictions and religious expectations that benefit the man only. Double Standards. Care of the elders are also responsibilities passed on to family members. If you do not contribute or comply you are ostracized, shunned, and shamed and looked down on. For example,¬† Your bad if you take care of yourself and say no.
  • Racism; being mistreated and undervalued by the larger white society. Treated as less than or uneducated. Seen as only maids not intelligent and as sex objects by the larger society. Made fun of in movies, tv, larger culture. Snubbed socially not accepted into certain all white dominated groups and institutions. It’s as if white people are simply offended by the fact that we were raised with different values and beliefs and ways of dressing and the style in which we speak. Assumption and stereotypes are also carried out so our opportunities are limited.
  • Lack of opportunities for higher education ( If your parents didn’t graduate high school or have formal education chances are you won’t either so no accumulated wealth is ever passed down. There are no inheritances of property or other assets. You in fact inherit their accumulated poverty, health issues, poverty consciousness.
  • Inability to spend time to oneself to¬† develop ones own interest. You might also have children many latina women do which makes it very hard to spend time devoted to taking care of your needs.¬† Learning to take care of yourself is must.
  • Lack of quality food and vitamins due to low¬† education and lower incomes. It is impossible to think clearly and to study or focus and have good mental health if you are not eating good nutritious food. If you dont’ eat well you could be turning to unhealthy things to self medicate but you are only healing the symptoms. These are scientific facts. Begin taking a multi-vitamin today, quality omega 3¬† fish Oil, and watch your sugar and caffeine intake. Our community has very high levels of obesity, diabetes, depression, and other health related issues related to poor diet.
  • High levels of unhealed trauma ( sexual abuse and child abuse or addiction in the families) The effects of child abuse and sexual trauma runs intensely deep, it can affect every area of your life particularly your mental health, self esteem and confidence. You might even have severe PTSD.Until you heal it it sets you up to attract further abuse.¬† I suffered intense abandonment &¬† neglect complicated by sever emotional, physical, sexual child abuse that has taken years and thousands of dollars to heal. I cannot even begin to explain how badly this impacts every area of your life. We must begin to heal the deep secrecy and shaming and blaming the victim that occurs rampantly in our society especially in our families.¬† We need to collectively heal and find out where we are stuck and being limited by this in our lives. Healing yourself alone makes a huge impact in raising one’s level of awareness and self esteem.

The men in our lives;¬†I am not asking you to hate men, in fact quite the opposite. I am asking you to demand equality and fairness and to make sure you are treated well like a human being not a controlled prisoner or an object.¬† Maybe you don’t have this problem but ask yourself ;¬† Does your life revolve around a man? Do you make yourself last and not important? Is there something else you want to be or say ? Can you have your own hobbies and interest and friends? Time for yourself? Are you heard? Does your feelings and opinions matter?Do you get to spend money on things you really want? Can you work?¬† Do you want your independence? Your space ? To not have to always be the maid and constantly have your ideas laughed at or not be taken seriously ? ¬†Do you ever wonder why latinas aren’t taken more seriously by our men? Are you treated and talked to like a child? ¬† Do you ever notice how the men act more like controlling fathers. Its’ time to stop letting them lead you and control you. I am not saying all men are like this¬† but most are and of course they will not admit or see it. Here is a helpful hint; You can’t change them. You can only change you. I¬† highly suggest reading Act Like a lady, Think Like a Man, by Steve Harvey


  • Patriarchy; noun 1)a form of social organization in which the father is the supreme authority in the family, clan, or tribe and descent is reckoned in the male line, with the children belonging to the father’s clan or tribe.2) a society, community, or country based on this social organization.3.a social system in which power is held by men, through cultural norms and customs that favor men and withhold opportunity from women
  • Misogyny; noun 1.hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women, or prejudice against women.
  • Sexism;noun 1.attitudes or behavior based on traditional stereotypes of gender roles.2.discrimination or devaluation based on a person’s sex or gender, as in restricted job opportunities, especially such discrimination directed against women.3.ingrained and institutionalized prejudice against or hatred of women;misogyny
Racism When I began my spiritual journey and awakening 12 years ago I started learning more about my culture and I started looking at racism and politics and trying to understand why white people had more stuff? Why did they have more money? Better health? Live in nicer homes? Why were these things considered white ? Why did they own homes and live in nice neighborhoods and go to college and have great teeth and better medical attention? Why were they treated better? Why were they on the cover of every magazine ? Why do all the toys look white girls?  Why did they all get to go to college and have inheritances ? Why were the same opportunities not presented to many latinos? Why did they dress better ? Why did they collect art and go on so many vacations? Why were they so uptight and have so many social rules ? Why do they look down on us because of ours? Why are we called ghetto if we are uneducated and poor?


¬†Many white people have blinders on about and don’t dare to admit the truth of this subject it’s called White Privilege they claim that there is no racism and latinos have just as much opportunity but this simply is not true for many reasons. This is a controversial subject but it must be talked about and addressed if we are to heal what is happening on this planet. We are not all seen or treated with equality and fairness. And we have bought into this as a culture and need to untether ourselves from outdated beliefs. If you dont think racism exist can you imagine acting like white women do?¬† With tons of confidence and bravado? I am not saying all white women have confidence but the majority do and that is a huge deal! They go after more in their life because of it. That¬† is something you rarely see a latina women do-stand out and go after her own personal goals. Unless it’s about being sexy or for her family,¬†¬† we don’t have many role models.¬† Our largest female latina role model is Selena Quintanilla my idol, Sofia Vergara, and Salma Hayek.¬† I love all of them but come on?!¬† There are a few more that we mostly don’t hear about. Look at latinas in our¬† modern¬† culture who do you see portrayed in movies? Sex objects and Maids. Even Sophia Vergara’s character on Modern Life she plays a sexy funny air head. Is that really progress?¬† What does it do to your ¬†confidence and self esteem? Do you feel empowered or dis-empowered by those images? We are so much more than that but we are stuck playing this role. It’s time to get a new act and a new story. It’s time to take back our power from our families and the men in our lives and reclaim our sanity. This is the permission you have been waiting for. We need leaders to step up and claim their power.


How did I discover feminism? Quite simply I had a few women in my life that exposed me to it. I grew up with the concepts so I didn’t have to totally learn and unlearn old ways of being and thinking. My mind was never oppressed,¬† I was empowered – sort of.¬† I also went to a few years of college and studied politics and gender and have studied and read sociology and political books for years. ¬† Growing up was super chaotic. ¬† I¬† was raised¬† by so¬† many people and was around many white people¬† and my puerto rican family which meant that I¬† had access to more resources, education, property, luxuries, and privilege. I picked up and learned and was exposed to things many latinos are not exposed to.¬† I was taken away by authorities at age 8 so I¬† shuffled through many group and foster homes. I went back and forth to my family it was chaotic.¬† I lived with a Jewish family for a couple of important years. I also had a¬† mentor my whole life¬† who is white she was my¬† elementary¬† school psychiatrist who mentored me my whole life starting from the time I was in kindergarten. I still talk to her to this day she has remained a mentor and good friend.¬† She exposed me to so many profound teachings about spirituality, mysticism, hinduism, clean eating. She took me to ashrams taught me things usually only very¬† privileged white people learn. ¬†She also¬† paid for my piano lessons and took me on beautiful weekend outings to beautiful places. I went to the fancy places ate beautiful food. Quite simply I¬† was educated and exposed to¬† many different cultures and some privilege in the midst of profound suffering.¬† ¬† I really didn’t totally understand my culture when I was around my family I never fit in.¬† I always stood on the periphery. My life a constant flurry of educated hippies, intellectuals, conservatives, spiritual types with sprinkles of latino culture. I didn’t really belong to any culture because I was an outsider in all of them but it’s not like I had a choice. I was confused for a long time! Who the hell was I? What was I?

When I was around my Puerto Rican family I was around my favorite¬† aunt most of the time.¬† She was a¬† feminist hippy who also somewhat¬† educated she¬† embraced¬† “White Culture” and was exposed to feminism in the 70’s.¬† She also came out as a lesbian in the 80’s so she was very very different in my family. She stood out majorly for many reasons all in great ways.¬† What I loved about her is that she¬† was also very family oriented and loved her culture. She walked with her feet in both worlds and cultures seamlessly. She introduced me to many things. She was strong, she was awesome and¬† vocal and the only person that would argue with my grandfather and speak up about women’s issues, politics, business, the law. She was not bashful or shy. ¬† She was amazing. She was also interested in politics and mental health.¬† She was the only person I connected with in my family. So I was kind of the really¬† weird and strange one in my family generation.¬† I was an outsider¬† and a black sheep for many reasons and not much has changed.

The Others; it was hard to form deep bonds with the other women in the family,¬† there was huge age¬† and lifestyle differences. I was on my own fully supporting myself living independently working full time at 17 and all the other women were married had kids and their whole lives revolved around; pleasing their men, cooking, kids, shopping, fashion, soap operas. Not only was I the only girl in my generation but I was like a total alien to them. I dressed different, talked about weird things, ate weird food.¬† I hung around a lot of white kids as I got older. I listened to punk and rock music. I didn’t want to have kids or learn about cooking. I hated soap operas I just did not fit in .¬† I feel like I was trying to assimilate more into white culture but I didn’t really fit in there either. Because well let’s keep it real racism does exist and many people have so many stereotypes and make so many assumptions about who you are based on what you look like. White people made assumptions about who I was and just didn’t embrace me. But I had some perks. Being raised with feminism was a blessing and a curse.¬† ¬† I didn’t realize how huge my independence was and how lucky I was to have the choice to focus on myself the other women in my family didn’t have. As I got older I started to understand feminism so much more when¬† I got into romantic relationships it was then I understood what the other women in my family had been going through. It’s been a long process to understand why being with a man seems to feel a little like prison.

What did sexism and patriarchy look like in my family?

There are so many things that I love about my culture,but let’s get real there are some serious problems. Most of the people in my family did not complete high school. I was forced to drop out and support myself at 16. I had been moved around so many times I was so behind in math and science it was impossible to catch up.¬† Luckily I loved to read and was smart and intuitive. ¬† I had to worry more about survival, I am scrappy like my grandparents.¬† My grandparents I don’t know if they ever went to school my grandpa was on the streets at age of 8. They were all scrappy hard working blue collar people that became barbers, beauticians, musicians, and magicians with larger than life personalities. My grandfather did well for himself he owned his business and his home.

Why are the men treated better?!!The men were treated better and doted on, the women worked hard -too hard what they wanted was not always respected or heard and usually blatantly ignored. ¬†I remember as a young girl feeling perplexed that at the weekly family dinners the men got more love and were even served food before the women or kids. Too much emphasis on the men! Everyone had hard day jobs but only the women ¬†had to come home and cook and clean and manage the kids and family. My grandmother worked her ass off and doted on my grandfather and waited on him hand and foot. She never was allowed time to herself, she never held the money , she never learned to drive. She was a prisoner. No one ever doted on her the way they adored my grandfather. She just took it, she took a lot of things and I have no idea how she survived. She had a mean bitter side and was not very loving to me. She only liked me because I helped her clean, and a lot! ¬†I get it now though and harbor no anger towards her; only love, compassion, and understanding. She had a huge load on her plate. She was hurting. In private she cried and complained often on my shoulder but she didn’t dare tell my grandpa. I spent many weekends at my grandparents helping dust,vacuum, garden,clean ¬†the toilets, cook, laundry, doing dishes, cleaning blinds and ceilings. Apparently I was told she even ironed the sheets at one time in her life. Total clean freak with OCD but boy could she cook?!! Best food I ever had!

womans-workThe men could come and relax and do nothing! If anyone complained they were reminded that the men provided a roof over their head and paid the bills yadda yadda yadda.¬† But the women also made money !!!!! It’s like whatever contribution the women had and it was huge was totally invisible and not seen or valued or acknowledged. But trust me there were consequences if things were not done and that never happened.¬†

According to the National Institutes of Health, “Historical and sociocultural factors suggest that, as a group, Latinos are in great need of mental health services. Latinos, on average, have relatively low educational and economic status. In addition, historical and social subgroup differences create differential needs within Latino groups. Central Americans may be in particular need of mental health services given the trauma experienced in their home countries. Puerto Rican and Mexican American children and adults may be at a higher risk than Cuban Americans for mental health problems, given their lower educational and economic resources. Recent immigrants of all backgrounds, who are adapting to the United States, are likely to experience a different set of stressors than long-term Hispanic residents.”

More Latino children are living in poverty‚ÄĒ6.1 million in 2010‚ÄĒthan children of any other racial or ethnic group. This marks the first time in U.S. history that the single largest group of poor children is not white. In 2010, 37.3% of poor children were Latino, 30.5% were white and 26.6% were black, according to an analysis of new data from the U.S. Census Bureau by the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center.

This negative milestone for Hispanics is a product of their growing numbers, high birth rates and declining economic fortunes. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Hispanics today make up a record 16.3% of the total U.S. population. But they comprise an even larger share‚ÄĒ23.1%‚ÄĒof the nation‚Äôs children (Passel, Cohn and Lopez, 2011), a disparity driven mainly by high birth rates among Hispanic immigrants (Pew Hispanic Center, 2011). According to the 2010 Census, some 53.5% of children are white and 14.6% of children are black.¬† To read more click here

It’s time for a Latina suffrage movement in the U.S.¬†It’s time for women to empower themselves with tools and wisdom. To take back their power. Start speaking up healing and taking the lead in their families. Don’t let a man or any person lead you to a life of misery. Start talking about the secrecy and problems sexual abuse, domestic violence, codependency,control, addiction education, poverty, debt, and mental health problems. Time to improve our self esteem and confidence and come together. We need each other. It’s not right and it’s not fair how we have been treated and we have the power to help ourselves and to stop playing the role that society-hate, sexism, and racism has demanded we play. I have become an activist, a survivor, and a shamanic energy healer and transformation coach.

If you feel drawn to make some changes in your life and would like to¬† begin this process I would love to work with you I am designing specific transformational¬† energy healing that combines the use of Shamanism,¬† Reiki, & Cognitive/ Behavioral restructuring. I am a guided natural healer, but I have also been certified in Reiki I & II, Munay-Ki,¬† Akashic Feild Therapy I, and Pamela Aauralyn’s Aura Alchemy.¬†¬† I work with many Ascended Masters mainly Archangel Raphael,¬† Michael and Chamuel,¬† including and especially Jesus as well as other¬† animal spirits,nature spirits,¬† guardians and discarnate healers and shamans.¬† The healing I am doing is complete and focuses on¬† all levels of healing; aura, mental, emotional, and akashic.

Because I am a latina I intimately understand the cultural differences and various things that we are afflicted with that have tethered us to old fashioned and outdated ways of living. It’s time to pass on the love and healing and education. I have a special passion¬† and mission to help serve the needs of my community.

My work can help you;

-Balance your masculine and feminine energy which helps shift you of the victim mindset and shifts you into an empowered state.

-Assertiveness Training; Help you find your voice, stand up to bullies, learn about boundaries and saying no,inner child nurturing,  self care, tools to help you identifying safe and walk away from unsafe relationships.

-Healing past stories and beliefs.

-Help you embrace the divine feminine and put you in touch with the goddess

-Cut Cords to toxic relationships and old beliefs that no longer serve you.

-Heal the wounds of inherited and ancestral patterns and beliefs that may no longer server you.

-Help you end addictions

-Heal from the effects of racism and internalized oppression.

-Overcome and shift you out of your “story”

-Open the doors to help you write and Co-Create a new story

-Upgrade and Heal Your DNA.



 Here are some links and resources to check out for further reading.

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  1. Susana de la Pena says:

    I am looking for a latina sisterhood support group, for 55 plus single Latinas in the Inland Empire of California; any suggestions?

    • I have an online women’s support group we have around 4,000 members called WLN Soul Sisters and I tried to start another Facebook Group called Conscious Latinas Rising but really could use help and would love anyone else that wants to help build that up are you interested ? Email me on Facebook or write me at: whitelightninja77@gmail.com I would also suggest starting a Meetup

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