Slow & Steady Wins The Race! Keep Going!

Posted On: October 22, 2016 | Time: 6:54 pm | no comments

I am always working hard at something in my life. I’ve failed and made more mistakes than most because I’ve been bold and crazy and I’ve tried more than most people I know and I never stop. Can’t stop, won’t stop. 

Despite the fact that I was born with nothing and given hundreds of obstacles. I am so proud of how hard I’ve worked to turn my life around after I completely fell apart at one point and gave up on life. I lost more than everything in 2013 and I’ve gotten almost all of it and much more back. You can’t even believe how far that I have come. I’m most proud of the work I’ve done to find my voice, heal from the intense phobias and deep insecurities and personal challenges that I kept private for many years. I was so high functioning despite all the paralyzing and horrific abuse I endured that when I tried to heal no one really understood how badly I was struggling and I was deeply embarrassed afraid to speak my truth afraid of the haters. I had to grow a thick skin a long the way and I use that boldness now to stand up for others being bullied and shut down. So haters you can try but you’ll never bring me down. 

I set out on this journey 14 years ago knowing how intense and crappy it would be, knowing how much it would age me to relive the horrors and learn to slowly feel and express my emotions and integrate the deeply fragmented parts of myself -the memories that I blocked out completely to survive my life. 

My progress may be slow and steady but you have no idea all that I work on and have been building and how far I have come. It’s like night and day!!!! If you are someone like me that’s had immense obstacles to overcome in your life I salute you for still trying no matter how slow your progress has been and is. Keep going I am rooting for you and deeply thank anyone rooting for me. 

I am so blessed and deeply grateful today. All this goodness and abundance coming at me that I keep manifesting it’s not by accident it’s all been part of a master plan. I’ve mastered manifesting and learned many valuable mistakes that taught me what not to do. The more I give freely to others the more blessings keep pouring into my life. I live in complete gratitude with zero expectations but also retaining a deep faith and sense of peace that it will all be alright and it’s more than alright today !!!!! 

If you have a goal or vision your working on keep going focus on progress, in fact celebrate every step along the way instead of expecting perfection. I have many goals I’ve been working on simultaneously and I plug away at each of them weekly. Write  out a loose master plan, then break into small pieces, then  slowly plug away at whatever you can. Just keep going no matter how many times you stop just start again. You can do it I believe in you. 

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