My Daddy is a Hero, How Chris Watts Went From Family Man to Family Killer, by Lena Derhally. Book review and psychoanalysis by Survivor, Alexis E. Serrano

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This is such a great well-written book, I read it one day! And then it took me a week to write a blog post over it. Unfortunately it’s about a horrible sad dark tragedy that I think we all wish never happened. What I love about this book is that it really made me think, it made me self reflect, and I appreciated learning about new concepts, rage theory in particular and the neuroscience of anger. I offer my own alternative psychoanalysis about other hidden dynamics that may have been part of the reason Chris Watts seemed to dramatically change overnight. I am not a psychotherapist but someone that self healed and has been self-taught in learning how to overcome horrific long-term narcissistic abuse and toxic family enmeshment that struggled immensely for 25 years with trauma based codependency. Trauma based codependency, at it’s core is a set of problems with a lack of self, lack of self awareness, echoism, fears of being assertive, or to put in place a boundary, an inability to communicate, or get needs met, acting invisible, deep people pleasing problems. I will share a clinical definition of the syndrome in the psychoanalysis. The way that Chris Watts seemed almost invisible in his life with his wife, his nice guy persona really struck me, his non-existent self, his silent behaviors were so familiar to me. In addition to reading this book, I have followed the case closely. I have watched all the YouTube videos, been in some of the Facebook groups, read through the evidence, and discovery. I have never been so pulled into a case like this one or ever felt inspired to write such a long extensive psychoanalysis of anyone or been as disgusted, shocked, and saddened by a tragedy. This has to be one of the saddest, deeply disturbing, and haunting stories. There are no words; it was a horror show, and it will baffle your mind and haunt you.


Reading this book is going to be so helpful for anyone out there actively learning about malignant or pathological narcissism as it pertains to how they fall in love and befriend and attach to others. How normal and loving they can seem at first. For anyone that needs help learning how to apply these confusing terms to his or her own situation please reach out. Specifically; love bombing, idealize, devalue, discard, attachment styles. For anyone currently in a relationship with someone you think may be a narcissist, reading this book is a fantastic start. If something feels really off and wrong in your relationship and you can’t figure it out, start reading everything you can. When you can start seeing predictable patterns and cycles it starts to become easier to recognize a pathological person and she gives so many helpful tips at the end of the book on what you should look out for, but it’s important to know that every one has some level of narcissism, some of it is healthy and too much makes you pathological. So don’t be too quick to label someone with this. A person that is not a pathological narcissist can exhibit these traits; chances are you may be also struggling with echoism or co-dependency. Narcissist and codependents are magnetically drawn to one another. One needs tons of attention and one doesn’t want any at all and just wants to be needed. So you must think critically about the facts not just your feelings and examine things you may be doing or not doing that could be contributing to your situation, i.e. not communicating, not speaking up, not being assertive or clear, being too bossy, pig headed, not listening to the others person point of view. Relationships and people are complicated and they can be confusing.


So getting back to her book, I loved the information about nice guy syndrome, attachment theory, rage theory, and how she carefully explains what a pathological and malignant narcissistic is, although I wish she did share, that narcissism is on a spectrum on the low end of the spectrum is an echoist and the high end are those with NPD, for more on that read, Rethinking Narcissism, by Dr. Craig Malkin from Harvard. I love how she explains their predictable patterns and behaviors and applies it to this horrific tragedy. I mean no disrespect at all to the family, I am am not making any money, or trying to get any followers from this. Writing about the Watts Family tragedy, analyzing it, and dissecting it, trying to understand what happened, my purpose is not to be intrusive. I am sharing in hopes that it may prevent more tragedies like this from happening. It could inspire or give strength to someone out there, silently suffering; to finally once and for all admit the truth and potentially leave a toxic situation. She breaks it down each and every time Chris Watts was wearing a “nice guy mask” lying in his interactions with Shanann, while duplicitously acting out oppositional behaviors. That she spells it out in detail when he was in the idealize phase  “lovebombing“ her, devaluing her, and then finally discarding her was so helpful.  I love the “ throw you out like trash” line, because that’s exactly what happens when someone who you are deeply in love with and attached to who is just faking it, using you, pretending to love you, who has no real attachment and love for someone does. Malignant and pathological narcissists don’t form authentic intimate connections with friends, clients, romantic partners, they only pretend to. They have feelings and emotions but only their own they don’t care about others and are selfish to their core. They have “supply” and as soon as you stop “perfectly supplying their exhaustive list of demands they start looking elsewhere. The moment you take a stand and say no, put in place a firm boundary, and they realize they can’t get more from you is when the love stops.


I have seen some clients get treated like this, one day just discarded out of the blue (I help narcissistic abuse survivors) They have been with their partners for years, and them bam they are done one day, and don’t even give that person a chance. For four years they adore and gush over this person who seems perfect and then when they get bored or the next best shiny object comes along -bam your discarded on the floor like trash in such a cold manner, like you never meant anything to that person. It’s so awful. It’s exactly what Chris did to his family.  Those poor little baby girls. Reading through the chapter when he kills her, omg so sad, my heart was breaking and beating a mile a minute. I had a huge lump in my throat and wanted to hug and protect them. It’s so shocking how cold and cruel he was towards her and those babies. That he’s sitting in his cell today not really grasping the horror of what he has done, is also so confusing, why doesn’t he show emotion? Is he numb and confused from being manipulated and acting out of character? Maybe he too is also trying to understand how this could have happened, how he could have been made to do something he would have never done. The psychopath theory makes sense, but if he was a born psychopath and narcissist why did he display very low levels of narcissism most of his life? Was that really a mask? Are there other explanations? Why did he never seem to have other psychopathic tendencies? Was there more secrets he was keeping? What was his real relationship like with his own mother? What I love about this book is that it really made me critically think about numerous possible factors. I think there is still far more to the story that we don’t know about.


So what the hell happened?

Was Chris Watts a covert psychopath or a traumatized victim of a covert narcissist mother he was still emotionally enmeshed with? Was he displaying signs of C-PTSD and trauma based codependency, married to a wife with ultra high levels of narcissism? Being pressured by his new queen bee that he may have been echoing and simultaneously being manipulated by? Was he afraid of Shanann? Was that fear legitimate? Did that fear come from his mother? Did it come from trauma? Have you seen his mother? There is a deep coldness and meanness to her face. A week before Chris Watts poisoned Shanann she accidentally almost poisoned the girls, a situation that could have been dangerous and lethal, referred to as “nutgate”. And during the interviews after she knew about the murder of her daughter in law and grandchildren, she seemed to show smirks and smiles at inappropriate times and showed absolutely no warmth or sadness about their deaths. There is absolutely no excuse what so ever for murder at all, I am not condoning the way he dealt with this, but it does seem that he was afraid of woman and at the same time probably drawn to them, because it was familiar, woman that were dominant, selfish, controlling, and overbearing. Maybe a lot like his mother.


He was a pleaser, he lived to please a queen. Shanann proudly boasted, “he does whatever I want” in one of her Facebook videos, and if you have every met a narcissistic queen bee, their list of demands are endless! They don’t have friends and family they have subjects they command and bark orders at, and you can’t reason with them you are invisible. I very much agree with the rage theory that meeting Nichol Kessinger made him feel that this was a once in a lifetime time sensitive opportunity to be with someone that finally saw him and actually listened to him. Which if my theory is correct, wasn’t really true, it was a manipulation. Was Nichol Kessinger lovebombing Chris? I have read somewhere that she stalked him and his family a year before things transpired. She knew that he was a pushover potentially studied him before she finally made her move. She could have been giving him ultimatums the night before on that last 111 minute call before he was going to annihilate his entire family, and this time-based aspect could have given him the powerful surge of energy (dopamine and adrenaline) that kicked in his collapsed flight/fight response. It sounds like Nichol was absolutely pressuring him selfishly and she absolutely knew he was married and lied about it.


The combination of the deep levels of oppression; rage, sadness, unmet needs and adrenaline, feeling as if he had to act quickly, the strong pull and desire to get his needs finally met, potential avoidant dismissive attachment style, his inability to communicate and be assertive, potential fear of Shanann, his emotional detachment that all couples splitting up feel, desire to please his mother, his inability to take the time to think critically about alternative solutions, it sounds like he was convinced killing her was the only way to get rid of her which makes no sense at all unless he was doing this because he was echoing someone else’s desires and needs and caught up trying to please a queen, but which one? At this point in his mind, he had already discarded Shanann and the girls. He was operating and made a selfish decision based out of fear. Fear, rage, a strong desire to please and being manipulated potentially by someone, were these part of the equation? He didn’t seem to display any kind of selfishness ever in his life or have a strong sense of self before; in fact, he seemed to have no sense of self. He took the bait from Nichol; she was promising a life or manipulating him with the promise of a life, he had always wanted- to finally be seen and heard, to be respected, to be allowed to be more confident manly and assertive, to break out of that nice guy role. Shanann was very pushy and very relentless, his mother was the same way unreasonable never heard him and impossible, maybe he came to the same conclusion about Shanann. Maybe he concluded that she would never hear him no matter how much he tried to reason with her, and thought murdering her was the only solution.


Your basic personality is shaped, and the way you attach to others in large part, by your childhood and the role you play in your family. The behaviors that make me think he was raised by a covert narcissist mother (that I think also scapegoated him for leaving the family and marrying Shanann), is his 4f style, his non-existent and passive echoist codependent personality. His inability to ever say no and his nice guy persona. No one is that nice all the time. It’s the way he visibly held in his anger. His family didn’t attend the wedding because the mother said she couldn’t get along with Shanann, but maybe she was the problem? Maybe she was a “it’s my way or the highway, I don’t care how you feel” type of mother? Maybe he could no longer hide his psychopathic tendencies and this was the situation that created the perfect storm, I am still struggling to completely agree with that theory. In any case, somehow he arrived at the worst possible solution to his problems. How could he have jumped to such an insane choice unless he was a psychopath or a people pleasing codependent desperate to break out of his “nice guy role” being severely emotionally blackmailed and manipulated, terrified to say no and disappoint someone? The more I consider this possibility the more this seems plausible to me. What had he told Nichol? What was his mother using over him? Only someone that knows your weaknesses and vulnerabilities the most could have that kind of intense hold over someone.


Maybe it was a combination of everything? Why would he want to remain with Shanann, where he had to work 24/7 never get credit for anything, never feel appreciated, be constantly disrespected, and never get a break or to get his needs met. All of their lives were about her and the girls. Who would want to live like that? Maybe he felt like he was no longer growing in the ways he wanted and being held back. Codependents eventually do snap and say enough is enough, but most don’t commit these kinds of acts unless they are being manipulated and controlled by a scary person, think Jim Jones or Charles Manson who got thousands of people to do horrible murderous acts. Again, I am not saying this is what happened, he should have tried communicated first and then divorced her, but I don’t think he was capable of communicating and I think he very much struggled to get his needs met and be heard. If he was operating off of fear and adrenaline and being pressured to make a quick impulsive choice, combined with the levels of unhappiness and feeling of being imprisoned that contributed to his rage. What if Nichol was in fact pressuring him intensely and making threats that made him snap? For these reasons I think the relationship with his family his mother and Nichol need to be heavily examined. Nichol seemed very narcissistic herself; selfish, controlling aloof, manipulative. She lied to save face when those little girl’s lives were on the line, she was the last person to speak to Chris before he did the unthinkable. And then she just disappeared without a trace, which is a little suspicious.


I am not excusing his actions or behavior, it’s ultimately his fault, the blame rest solely on his soul -the disgusting and horrifying things he did. But I am offering another alternative explanation for what was going on in his life and possibly in his mind that would make him do a 180-degree change. I can see how a codependent could get easily manipulated and pushed around and if it’s by a dangerous person, how a horrible tragedy like this could occur. I also know how impossible narcissists are. I believe it was the culmination of deep soul neglect and decades of unmet needs, combined with the fact that he might not have felt he could ever get a word in edgewise with his wife who did things without his permission or even considering him. The combination that he lacked communication and assertiveness skills, his fears around being assertive and not wanting to be made fun of for it, the belief that he was not going to be able to get her to listen. I help clients like this, as I was once that type of person having been severely beat down and treated like a slave that received unfathomable levels of abuse from a young age bullied and tortured relentlessly by my family.


I simply just disappeared and stopped trying to get anyone to listen to me or ask for help, or for anyone to meet my needs, and this was disaster for all of my future relationships. I had developmental delays, intense trauma, a non-existent sense of self. They, my family had created the perfect obedient nice girl “slave” in me that I fought tooth and nail to heal and overcome. I have worked hard on my pain and anger so that I never snap. I’ve also had to walk away from my entire family to break that “slave” personality, as the only way they would interact with me depended on me being complicit in my mistreatment. I will only be included and shown love, if I allow myself to be used, abused, and manipulated. But I only broke out of this after realizing I kept attracting only narcissistic and predatory controlling people. It took a lot more abuse for me to break out. As for the attachment theory, most people toward the end of their marriage grow emotionally distant and start to really feel hatred, contempt, and anger towards their spouse. We are all capable of acts of cruelty and evil and snapping given the right circumstances, which leads me to the colloquial term “going postal”. Can that blind rage and wrath prevent us from feeling closely attached to the ones we love? Chris was so enraged and determined to break out of that “slave role”, his rage simmering inside for so long going back to his childhood, as I was forced to. My story is extreme but who knows what was really going on in his family. Families sometimes keep very sick secrets. If they are an enmeshed and violent family, it only adds more to the complexity of his psychological makeup and this horrible tragedy.


His trauma based codependency,4Fstyle, echoist tendencies (very low levels of narcissism),”nutgate”, desire to please his covert narcissistic mother, rage, and coming into contact with another manipulative narcissist and potentially new “queen bee” pressuring him to act quickly was a major factor.

Nichol coming into his life really seemed to have a major factor in this equation; maybe she was the person that started the wheels turning, pouring gasoline on a slow building fire inside him, making him see his wife and situation in impossibly dark ways, purposely or unintentionally triggering his rage and giving him very little time to make a clear decision. Combined with all the other financial obligations Lena Derhally mentions in her book. He was under enormous internal and external stress. A person with a strong sense of self can listen to the opinion of others and make their own choices, but he didn’t have a strong sense of self. Maybe he saw her as the new benevolent queen bee here to save him. Malignant narcissist or psychopaths aren’t the only ones to idealize and worship people, so do codependents that rely on their partner for a sense of identity, self, and direction. This pattern all begins in childhood, a narcissistic parent can be very damaging. If his mother is, she will most definitely deny it and go to great lengths to hide it.


Her cold and dismissive callousness around “ nut gate” threw off a huge red flag for me having been raised by a covert sadist and narcissist. If she is in fact, she would have clearly ignored his authentic self, neglected his emotional needs, been abusive and manipulative. Gas lighting him one day, stonewalling him the next, emotionally blackmailing, guilt tripping, ignoring him his entire life, which would have been incredibly damaging to a growing sense of self. He would have learned to wear a mask around her and do anything he could to please her. A narcissistic parent can inflict horrible damage on a child, especially the scapegoat. And the games don’t end when the person leaves either. The parents control over a person’s mind, decision-making process, and life can be profound and pervasive. Was Chris a mommy’s boy inside still wanting to please her, and get her love and approval? Did her abuse and treatment of him contribute to his trauma based codependency? Trauma based codependency is defined by Pete Walker as a syndrome of self-abandonment and self-abnegation. Codependency is defined as a fear-based inability to express rights, needs, and boundaries, in relationships. It is a disorder of assertiveness, characterized by a dormant fight response and a susceptibility to being exploited, abused, and or neglected and used. He didn’t think he had the right to assert himself or express his anger making him more vulnerable to snapping in the right situation. Combined with his echoist traits, and possible enmeshment tendencies, he may not have only been thinking of his needs or wants or desires. So whose were they?


Children of narcissistic parents can spend their entire life trying to please and get love and approval from the narcissistic parent. And these parents’ use and abuse that trusts and dole out their love in cruel ways. Only if they do what mommy wants, he was stuck being a “good boy”. His own mother hated Shanann who knows what she was telling him. When she found out her daughter in law and babies were dead, she showed no remorse or sadness, she in fact was blaming Shanann. His mother hated her, he feels unseen and unloved and controlled, and now he has met a new queen putting all kinds of pressure on him, this was a recipe for a disaster. The reason I believe that his mother was a narcissist that abused him is because of his 4 F Style. It is not normal for a person to be stuck in a freeze / fawn pattern. A healthy non-traumatized person would have more flexibility in their ability to handle stress and could interchangeably fight, flee, freeze, or fawn as needed. You only freeze and fawn when you are terrified and dealing with someone unreasonable. But the fact that he seemed to be like this all on the time, his lack of sense of self, his very quiet demeanor and people pleasing personality shows me he may have been abused by his mother and he may have been afraid of her. I can freeze/fawn around scary and intimidating people, but I have worked hard at re-programming my stress responses and have had to learn to fight back, be assertive, learn to communicate, and flee a situation when necessary. The freeze/fawn pattern is a stress response and a clinical trauma term defined very well in Pete Walker’s popular book on C-PTSD. Complex PTSD: From Surviving To Thriving, which is most definitely something a scapegoated child raised by a covert narcissist in an enmeshed family, would develop.  “Those who are repetitively traumatized in childhood however, often learn to survive by over-relying on the use of one or two of the 4F responses. Fixation in any one 4F response not only delimits the ability to access all the others, but also severely impairs the individual’s ability to relax into an undefended state, circumscribing him in a very narrow, impoverished experience of life. Over time a habitual 4F defense also “serves” to distract the individual from the accumulating unbearable feelings of her current alienation and unresolved past trauma.


The freeze/fawn type is typically the most codependent entrenched subtype. Not all scapegoats are fawn-freeze, but since fawn and freeze types are both prone to extreme self-denial, many end up in a scapegoat position. This is because they are the most passive of the four F’s. They have typically suffered the most punishment or rejection for asserting themselves in the toddler stage. When the freeze/ fawn in not able to escape the scapegoat role in childhood, she is then set up to be similarly victimized in adulthood. In worst case scenarios fawn / freeze are easily recognized by the fight types who take them captive. They may turn them into doormats and subject them to domestic violence. Sometimes the freeze/fawn does not even recognize that she is being abused.” He goes to explain how these types get caught up in these relationships and can develop “learned helplessness”.


Something else that I think could be contributing to what happened with Chris has to do with Chris echoist tendencies. Echoism the term comes from the book, Rethinking Narcissism by Dr. Craig Malkin If you’re particularly sensitive or empathic by nature, you’re more likely to respond to narcissistic parenting with a stance I call echoism, named after the nymph Echo, who was cursed to repeat back the last few words she heard. Just as Narcissus fell in love with his reflection, Echo fell in love with Narcissus Narcissistic parents who explode without warning, or collapse in tears any time a child dares to express a need, force sensitive children to take up as little room as possible, as if having any expectations at all is an act of selfishness. Like Echo, echoists struggle to have a voice of their own—and often end up with extremely narcissistic partners. But the key thing is Echo’s mirror the needs and feelings of others. In this case his mother and Nichol.


Low Levels of Narcissism

Chris Watts made a misguided and horrible choice that I am in no way condoning. But how long was his deep level of unhappiness brewing and building? They never argued or fought ever, he clearly buried his emotions and kept a huge part of himself hidden but that could be because of the way he was raised. When you are raised by a Narcissist as I was or in a narcissistic family your individuality is obliterated many don’t even get the chance to build a strong sense of self. If a person has no sense of self they have no self preservation and can be easily owned and controlled by a narcissist. Combine that with his 4F style freeze/ fawn. This means that he was also a people pleaser giving was his only way to feel loved. Codependents because they lack a clear and strong sense of self often merge and become enmeshed and dependent on others for a sense of self and identity. Almost immediately he began relying on Nichol for advice on everything and most likely trying to please her and see things through her eyes.


Leaving Shanann would also please his mother. A person with a strong sense of self would not be acting this way. Whose feelings and needs was he echoing his, or the other two women in his life? When did he have time in between the two woman to develop a sense of identity separate from Shanann and the girls and get in touch with his needs? He simply gave up on Shanann felt invisible and unseen and like a slave, not that this was the reality (it was how he felt) and instead of communicating, he kept it all inside of himself until he fell out of love with her . And then a new queen shows up that he can worship and adore, that was going to finally see him and love him the way he always wanted and he was eager to make her happy. She was placing incredible demands and potentially making threats for him to act quickly. She may have not come out and told him to murder his wife and kids, but she might have said something to make him feel like he had to act quickly and he made a fear based choice. I truly do think he did snap and was being manipulated and that there may be deeper traumas he is holding in and cannot talk about. He probably doesn’t even realize he was being abused since he is so used to it.


He clearly didn’t take the time to consider the horrible consequences of this, which tells me that his level of unhappiness and unmet needs must have been quite intense. How else could he have been that deeply manipulated? What is more tragic is that had he been able to know that he was a victim of a narcissistic mother and knew more about narcissism he might have learned that it was on a spectrum that he had little of it, and Shanann had more but that she would have been able to “ hear him” and meet his needs if he could believe she could and worked on getting to know himself and understand his feelings more. If he learned to communicate and be more assertive and that it was okay for him to have needs and say no to her incessant demands. The situation with money was most likely also another factor. He often had an emotionless blank cold look on his face that doesn’t always mean a person is devoid of emotion only that he learned to hide his feelings well. I withheld my emotions because I didn’t want people to know the deep levels of sadness and despair I was holding in from deep severe secret abuse and bullying. You know the look on the faces of the maids in the movie, Get Out? That was me. If I showed emotion, I would not have been able to keep a job and I would have been bullied and more abused. Is he a needy narcissist desperate for all types of attention 24/7? Or a beat down soul with no sense of self, unhealthy low levels of narcissism,that never had his needs met ever even going back to his childhood? That finally felt like he was going to break out of prison. How long had he felt invisible in his life? Nothing about his behaviors and past history reveals that he was seeking any more attention than any other normal healthy human being would want. He acted selfishly but I believe it was the only really selfish period in his life. I believe that his need to please two other women in his life and manipulation was also at play.


His actions are inexcusable and this tragedy is horrific but I am not convinced that he is a pathological narcissist or a psychopath after deeply relating personally to his personality and comparing it to my own journey and being really drawn to his codependency and non-existent self-patterns. I really started to see much more to this story. It is the fact that no one could have seen this coming and there being no evidence of psychopathy or narcissism ever prior to this tragedy that made me really want to sink my teeth in deeper to understand the mind of a man who just seemed to SNAP. He displayed very little empathy towards the last 6 weeks of his life towards Shanann and the girls, this doesn’t prove that he was wearing a mask it could be the result of being at his wits end and being deeply manipulated and having a weak sense of self. His decision to murder her was about far more than being unhappy feeling extremely oppressed by her incessant demands, controlling nature, and severe OCD. Her fear and anxiety ruled their life and in the end, his fear led him to do the unthinkable.


If he was a codependent with a narcissistic mother with echoist tendencies wanting to make his mother happy and trying to please his new mistress that did seem to know he was married, Nicol Kessinger who was pressuring him, and his lack of sense of self, did he merge with Nicole’s needs? Or his mothers needs? Did the mother try to poison her grandkids during “nut gate” a week before Chris gave Shanann oxycodone? Is that why the mother seemed to display no sadness or remorse and even blamed Shanann’s death on Shanann? Did the mother’s narcissism play a huge role in why he suddenly changed his personality? Maybe Chris confided in his mother that he was having an affair and she poisoned him with evil thoughts. If so, I can see how this horrible tragedy could happen. I have seen how easy it is when someone is part of an enmeshed toxic narcissist family to be controlled and manipulated and made to do things out of character that they normally would not do. I could have never been manipulated to murder someone I have always had a sense of my own values, which made me the family scapegoat, because I refused to conform, but I have seen it in other people.


There are countless stories of people in cults that get manipulated into doing unspeakable acts when they are caught up in the clutches being deeply manipulated by a malignant narcissist. A codependent stuck in a freeze/ fawn pattern with echoist tendencies can be the most vulnerable type of victim. I have seen a few people lose themselves, caught up in toxic enmeshed families or groups that lose all sense of individuality and sense of self that becomes victims, and an extension of a narcissist who uses them to copy himself, who will use and abuse them mercilessly to hurt many. If Chris Watts was manipulated it could also explain why he seems to be sitting there paralyzed and numb in a fugue state or more accurately a F. O. G, not really knowing or understanding what happened to him or what hit him. The fog is one of the best tools in a narcissist arsenal, it stands for, “Fear, Obligation, and Guilt”, refer to the book, Emotional Blackmail, by Susan Forward, PhD that explains in detail the four faces of blackmail, the impact of blackmail, and shares numerous strategies to stop getting manipulated.  Read other books that explain the long-term impact of narcisstic abuse and the impact of gaslighting on someone’s pschye. All of these things could have also played a role in Chris losing himself and snapping. What is saddest of all, is that if any of what I said could be closer to the truth, he will most likely feel too loyal to his mother and perhaps Nichol to ever give them up, or tell the truth. He could be one of the most tragic characters in this entire story left to rot in jail and live with the fact that he and his family were targeted and paid the ultimate price for someone else’s evil and selfish agenda. This kind of story happens all the time. What is most baffling about this case is the numerous questions that still beg to be answered and the numerous possibilities it contains for teaching and learning. I hope by sharing and writing this blog post it can serve as a warning and resource for anyone out there caught up in the clutches of a malignant narcissist trying to break free.















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