Namaste; walking your talk with integrity.

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I just had some amazing sushi at this place I was guided to try, a tiny hole in the wall that put warmth in my heart and in my stomach. Another random find;  I  like to go on little adventures and drive around until something catches my eye, kind of like a bird lol. It seems more fun to me to live this way. Today I landed in Santa Clara,Ca. I needed to go to this vacuum repair shop and it was closed, but  my eyes rested on an open sushi bar next door with a name I could not pronounce. I decided to mosey on inside. This place was really dead inside, many empty wood chairs, an empty bar, very minimal colorless decor, only a faded picture of an island on the wall. It wasn’t that pretty and the guy behind the bar was watching some Japanese show not very inviting. He smirked as I asked if it was open and it was like I could hear him say, “duh yeah..” He seemed a little grumpy and annoyed that I was there. I was about to walk out but my stomach was grumbling and something was telling me this was one of those hole in the walls places that you couldn’t even find on Yelp that had great sushi. So I stayed.

He handed me a menu and I said, “arigato” that means (thank you in Japanese)and then I bowed out of respect. You would have thought I said ” fuck you ” he scowled and grumbled and walked away. I was in a good mood, I was having a good hair day, I felt  thick-skinned, I just muttered to myself “someone is having a bad day” rolled my eyes and ignored it and took a seat. As usual I took out my I phone to see what I had missed on Facebook in the last 30 minutes. After seeing nothing interesting, I opened a design app on my phone and I started designing a meme about love. It’s Sunday it’s the day of love. I developed this acronym years ago L.O.V.E=Limitless, Oscillating, Vibrational, Energy. As I was piddling with fonts, this friendly smiling women came out and took my order. I was relieved to see a warm smile. Everything on the menu looked great but I finally settled on a Lion King Roll, part California role with baked Salmon in “special sauce”. She took my order brought it to the grumpy man and then brought me some edamame and some tea. I said thank you and went back to designing my little meme and waited for my food. I like to micro blog and create things and am basically curious and inspired by everything so I love my IPhone it keeps my A.D.D at bay.

I think like ten minutes passed a couple people  walked in. After what seemed like five minutes the waitress asked the women if she wanted some kimchi. Just then the light bulb in my head went off. I realized at that moment why he had scowled at me when I said “arigato”. Because I was in a Korean restaurant not a Japanese restaurant!!! I thought of a job I had in my 20’s at an international trade organization in Silicon Valley where we welcomed delegates and business people from all over the planet. I was a coordinator and was in charge of ordering catering, people loved me because I always took the time to learn a few words of their language and a little bit about their favorite foods and country. I remembered the time I had to order for a group of Korean Delegates, they were so impressed I knew about kimchi. kimchi is a traditional side dish  served along with other side dishes in most Korean family households and restaurants. I  don’t even remember how I knew but I quickly remembered that Japanese and Koreans don’t like each other. They hate each other in fact and more than anything Koreans hate being called Japanese!!! Now it made a lot of sense. Everyone is like that I think? Mexicans don’t want to be called Cubans. Samoans don’t want to be called Tongans, Eritreans don’t want to be called Ethiopians… pays to know a little bit about everyone’s history.

Finally my Lion King Roll came and I ate it way too fast! It was so delicious. Another time my intuition was absolutely right on! I went back to designing my meme after I finished eating and I sat there for about 30 minutes drinking my tea creating. When she brought me the bill, I asked her how to say thank you in Korean and she took the time to teach me. “kamsahamnida” she said, it sounded like “cum saw hum nee da” I said it five times awkwardly and she cracked up and I saw the grumpy man’s face lite up. Boy did my gesture bring him great joy! I can imagine he was thinking, ” finally some complacent idiotic American for two minutes of her life gets it! What I experience everyday of my life! How great to see someone try her best to speak my language! Boy she sounds terrible and deaf and she clearly feels stupid but she is still making the effort!” Seeing his smile made me smile and I bowed as if to imply like the Navi do in Avatar, “I see you, I honor your journey,I respect and appreciate you” And I realized this is it; this is all everyone wants and these are the tiny ways that we can honor each others journeys.

We are all one but we can still show respect for our differences. It’s what my activism is all about, my journey what I have gone through.  I am also passionate about co -creating a new earth and  living the new earth paradigm. The challenge is to embrace unity consciousness while acknowledging and allowing individuality.  Putting the concept of Namaste into action when it comes to everyone, but especially when it comes to respecting other people’s cultures, history, and journey.  There are a lot of broken hearts out there, there are a lot of people being told to essentially shut up and move on,without ever being able to be seen and heard.  Way too many groups out there  that have never heard ” I am sorry” that are not collectively treated with respect. I don’t think we will ever become “one” until wounds are healed and people start listening. So people will stay unhealed and filled with resentment. This is a way to heal, this is a way to open a door.

When you think of unity consciousness think of your body; you have all these different parts with different names and functions everything works together as a team no one organ is better than the other and yet it’s all different and works together. Think of what happens when one organ is sick… all stops working, it sends messages to other parts of the body. Alarm bells go off! What do you think is happening all over this planet?  I think all humans are the same, all we ever want is to be seen, to be validated, to be treated with respect, if we have been hurt we want comfort. Most importantly to be heard! Please remember that out there. Treat everyone with respect especially as Americans and conscious human beings, if you encounter another culture or a person different than you;  learn their language, respect their customs, try their food, learn about their journey understand for a moment what it’s like to move to a country where you don’t speak the language, understand that their day to day and what they experience might be very different from you. I feel like so many Americans and unconscious people rudely walk around with so much privilege ignorance and an attitude of superiority and judgement at how other people live. Your way is not the right way it’s  just a way. This is just a small example of how  I walk my spiritual talk as a light-worker with integrity and how I put love and the concept of Namaste into action. We say we are all one let’s learn how to act like we are all one while respecting our individual differences.


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