Taking Risk & Expanding  Comfort Zones in 12 Steps

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So many people are afraid to take risk in their life. Paralyzingly fear grips them the moment that even think about “jumping” into the unknown. For many reasons I’ve been an avid ambitious somewhat crazy risk taker. I honestly don’t regret anything I’ve done but I’ve certainly made many mistakes a long the way and have recently finally figured out how to successfully baby step the process which can help make it less scary. 

I love baby steps!!!! Know that when you expand your comfort zone, uncomfortable feelings will come up leaving the known world of comfort to the unknown world is exciting and scary, but as long as you know they are only feelings coming up and that those feelings can be released you can work through this. 
Here is My 12 step process of breaking through very tough Comfort Zones . It’s taken me 14 years to finally see and understand!!!
•Step 0; Comfort Zone ; I’m safe, I know what to expect, predictable, I’m bored, I feel stagnant. 

•Step One; I decide I want to face a new fear and leap forward. 

•Step Two; Commitment to leap. I make the commitment real- sign a lease, take out a loan, sign up for school, publicly talk about something I’ve been humiliated by in the past, end a relationship( just some examples)  

•Step Three; Channeling the Future. Having made the commitment I feel a temporary high. I feel ecstatic and excited in fact elated- I start imagining all the cool things I will have in my life once I get “there”. My selfies look like I already have “it”. 

•Step Four; Pre-Panic. Reality sinks in I realize I now have to act and behave differently I start feeling agitated and terrified but I don’t know why. 

•Step Five; Emotional Overwhelm. Total panic sets in! Addiction patterns are triggered; I sink into hysteria, depression, fear major fear. (False Evidence Appearing Real) Emotional numbing and paralysis sinks in. I’ve gotten stuck several times here and never made it past this Step Five In fact I let the fear destroy me and I fell into severe shame and depression. ( old me ) 

•Step Six; Procrastination. I am trying to sabotage myself. I am oversleeping, eating, drinking, acting very negative and pessimistic. In fact I am enraged!!!!!!!! I may start arguments and look for reasons to get out of what I’ve committed to do, but I won’t really cancel anything. I begrudgingly stick to my course. This is my whiny baby feel sorry for myself ” life is so hard phase”. 

•Step 7; Healing Mode. I start to pull myself out of the depression

and evaluate my thinking and beliefs. I try to heal the emotions that are making me feel so much hysteria. I stop being self destructive. I realize it’s just emotions not facts. I do reiki, pray, or get a healing, I do a detailed crystal aura grid. 

•Step 8; Processing. I blog, write, reach out for my emotional support. I get honest and talk about my feelings I admit to myself I’m hysterical and it’s okay if I don’t know why. I accept myself and don’t judge myself. 

•Step 9;Surrender; I finally realize I must act and take action either and act I do what I said I would do even if I do it with a terrible attitude.

•Step 10; Completion. It starts to settle in that I have just made this leap everything feels numb and I feel grief. I go through a grieving process and feel exhausted. 
•Step 11;Acceptance I finally realize I have to make the best of it and try to get used to the new normal. I start acting like I like new normal. It is what it is phase. I blog some more to make it concrete. 

•Step 12; Success I start really settling in and enjoying myself and realize that I’ve done it. I feel a huge sense of pride and elation. I’ve faced a new fear taken down a new wall and start to see all the benefits and life feels exciting again. I love the new changes and am excited once more about the unknown! I feel excited to take more risk and feel the elation I felt at step three! 
Don’t try doing things like everyone else try doing things in your way. Have a plan and get some help a long the way. 
You can do it !



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