Psychic Advice versus Spiritual Teachers; Healing and Guiding the Soul versus Reading and Guiding  the Ego.

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“We have many possible destinies available to us. Think of your lifelines as a solid cord of light reaching from the present back into the past, and extending into the future as luminous strands,like fiber optic threads. Each strand represents a possible future. In one possible future you might live a long and healthy life, but only if you can follow through with plans to move to a certain town,accept a certain job or position, or go through a particular change in lifestyle. A different strand might lead you to a less fortunate destiny.”-Alberto Villardo Ph.D, Shaman, Healer, Sage

A few years ago I met a psychic intuitive when my cat went missing.  I went to her to get help and to get guidance about where my cat was and where she was located.  My cat didn’t have a collar on, she got out and it had been raining, and  we were temporarily living in Los Angeles so she didn’t know the area. I was an emotional nervous wreck. She told me what she saw from my cat’s perspective, and she told me she saw the number 3 . I would find her in 3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months. I ended up finding her 6 weeks later by listening to my own guidance, narrowing down her locations, and relying on my own psychic abilities. She gave me some energy healing which was great, and then proceeded to give me all this unsolicited advice about what she saw about my career, my love life, my health, and what she saw that I did or did not love to do in life. I was with her for only an hour. I remembered feeling deeply annoyed and flabbergasted that someone would tell anyone these things I had not hired her for this reason.  I knew she was right I would find my cat, but intuitively felt she was so wrong about everything else her guidance was telling her, but I kept my mouth shut.
She told me she saw me doing abstract painting,that I didn’t deeply love my husband  (we had been separated and I had been dating another man who I was in the middle of leaving)  she told me when I told her I was a light-worker and I needed to be doing shamanic work- she told me NO! -she didn’t see that for me. That I didn’t love hearing about other people’s problems and didn’t see me working with others and it wouldn’t bring me happiness. She told me a lot of things that were 100% false I mean they have been true in that moment but not in general.  I was in the middle of an extremely  stressful time and why she took it upon herself to give me this information I will never know but clearly I was an emotional wreck over my cat and maybe that was influencing what she was reading.  What I know  for a fact, is that everything is subject to change depending upon our daily choices, thoughts, behaviors, and other circumstances or people that influence us in our lives and you should know that too when you see a psychic. What they see is only what they see at that time and it’s not always how things work out or accurate and they may only be reading  your ego and where it’s at in that moment and not guiding your soul or see its potential.

Fast forward a year

img_6104I committed to my shamanic path got certified in many different things and started daily, writing, sharing, and healing other women sharing my story everyday in fact I found it was part of what I had been looking for -for years!! I have a 3,400 member women’s group, I mentor,  heal people,  and create everyday. I am connected to a huge network of spiritual peers that I adore and have so much in common with! I decided do listen to the advice of the shaman I saw Alan Waugh and trusted his guidance. He told me 7 months before seeing her when I was getting several sessions with him  that I needed to work and heal others and that I needed to connect to other healers and he was dead on! He was guiding my soul and she was appealing to my lower self  my ego. I was searching for years to find my highest soul path and calling and my people and everything I tried thus far had failed and had not brought me happiness. I was not searching and seeking deep enough.  I LOVE working with people !!! It brings me my greatest joy and has dramatically changed my life for the better!! I mean how further from the truth could she have been? Of course I spent about $5,000 additional dollars on healing myself after seeing her and that had always been my plan. I made tons of radical changes, I took many risks, I blossomed, I grew in confidence, so how come she couldn’t see that potential timeline?  I believe that if a person has never had a transcendental spiritual experience they can’t see past their own ego which means they can’t see a lot. I had already had two very transformative breaks from ego identification. It’s kind of hard  to explain just exactly what that means in a simple way, but hundreds of spiritual teachers have tried-Eckhart Tolle is one coming to mind, Pamela Aaralyn and many others that are not so famous.  It really shifts your perspective to see yourself from a quantum perspective. It’s like you see not just a slice of the pie but more of the whole pie. So in addition to my healings and trainings  I also had past life reviews and found out more about my life contract and the soul lessons I was working on.  I knew deep down, that in my soul I would be making radical changes and I am glad I listened and trusted  myself. If I would have listened to her I would not have made the soul level changes that brought me deeper peace and happiness and a more solid path. If I had listened to her I might have continued to attract more painful lessons.  I believe that lessons repeat until they are learned until we start going in the right direction.

Current Reality Anyone that really knows me and talks to me knows how much I love talking to and helping people. In fact it was what saved my life and helped me heal myself. I even do tons for FREE! I don’t paint abstract paintings either and I have my own interpretation on what the meaning of her vision was when she saw me painting an abstract picture in her mind’s eye which she was very dead set on getting me to understand she saw me making all these abstract paintings. Her problem was she was being too literal and not seeing a symbolic picture. Symbolic pictures and archetypes are the language of the soul. What I know esoterically is that every single person is a powerful divine creator. We are all essentially co-creators creating our own lives and realities (that is right even the bad things in our lives) we play a role in creating it and drawing it to our lives.  What she saw me symbolically doing was consciously choosing and co-creating my own path for myself I (creating my own picture ,which I have and am),  it was abstract because at that time I had not created it! So of course  she could not see it and it didn’t mean I would be literally painting pictures!

I do design, write, and create and heal everyday. Healing is an art form. I am doing many many things that light up my soul! The person she said I didn’t really love she was so wrong about that too! This person is my best friend and my husband we had been separated for a few years and our relationship has grown by leaps and bounds since talking to her. I may not always like his behavior or attitude but I always love him. Since I have healed myself and come into my own and made many different choices things are very different between us. I am different, so he is different to me.  We are on a very different track now because of conscious choices we both made and created. Our relationship has deeply improved and we are closer friends-we laugh often. Time will tell if we get back together romantically, but it’s up to us and our choices. Do we want to do the work or don’t we? I’ll Tell you later! Often times relationships will end if the lesson was learned or often people run away because they are not ready to grow on a deeper soulful level.

There is a major difference between reading and guiding the ego versus reading and guiding the soul.

A psychic, may read you correctly, but what layer of you is he or she reading ? Your ego or your soul? Your thoughts ? Your dreams ? Your wishes for the future ? Which timeline?  Is she/he reading your chakras ? Some of that is subject to change and each layer of your aura has its own language. Some psychics I have discovered do more shamanic work and have tracking abilities but not always so you  should ask. Shamans and spiritual healers do deep soul work they can see more of your potential and see what soul lessons you are working on what can help you overcome them. They can see and help you connect to the timeless part of you that never dies. Shamans and spiritual teachers psychics healers all have different  abilities. If you were to take control of your life, heal yourself (if that is applicable), and consciously take on the creator role who knows what could change for your life ?!!!  As a shamanic Spiritual  coach and energy healer it feels wrong to create dependent people I thrive off of empowering others. I don’t want to tell you what you want to hear or help you use the law of attraction to help you find a superficial or temporary situation- I can! But often times it only fills a hole temporarily.  This “stuff” romance, money, jobs, cars, will make you happy for a little while but it doesn’t bring you lasting peace. If your are not in touch with your highest truth, soul, and higher self, it’s only scratching the surface at  what will bring you deep inner happiness. I want to help you find and know yourself, heal your soul, and I want to guide and help you heal yourself and put you back in the drivers seat of your life so you can create what you want so you won’t need psychic readings because you’ll already know what you plan to do.  See what a major difference that is? Being happy in your soul it doesn’t always mean what you think it means it doesn’t always give you the house with the white picket fence and a million dollars, but it can bring you deep peace.

Going to and relying on psychic advice can help guide you but don’t take the easy way out and put  your life in someone’s else hands. You hold the reigns. You also control the cards.

If it sounds like I am dissing psychics so sorry far from it they can be so much fun! I also do intuitive tarot and crystal readings but my real love is soul work and doing more soulful readings.  So I wanted to write this and share parts of my story and give anyone else out there another nudge to help you feel empowered  and filled with hope that you can grab hold of the reins of your life. Hearing and connecting to your soul is not always that easy to do, sometimes we attract tough circumstances so that we are forced to do the deep inner work that will expand your consciousness. I believe that’s part of why many of us are here playing this duality game maybe your here like me to shift back into oneness while you are here?  I have been in touch with my soul and higher self seeking its guidance and highest path for many years but it took many years of feeling disconnected from it, I went through a long process of dismantling my ego and asking my higher self to be in the driver seat. It wasn’t and isn’t always easy but I know when I die I will have no regrets and I am happy I took the road less traveled and follow the beat of my own drum. That  means more to me than any job title or amount of money.

Here is a great article I found that explains in detail different types of psychics, healers, and clairvoyants; their definitions and differences.  I have since learned that there are many psychics that actually are more like shamans and spiritual teachers  or have other healing  abilities, but we don’t always use the same language.  Like with everything in life always use your own intuition logic and discernment especially when receiving guidance about your life and future and always remember you have the power to make changes to your life no matter what road you have been on.

Please write me if you would like to Book A Session/ Reading with me, or if you would just to connect or have any questions you can find me on Facebook or Instagram.   I am very active on Facebook and in many spiritual groups. I also have a women’s group if you women looking for more emotional support and are interested in the divine feminine path.

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3 responses to “Psychic Advice versus Spiritual Teachers; Healing and Guiding the Soul versus Reading and Guiding  the Ego.”

  1. orbb80 says:

    I can understand your perspective & that “psychic” clearly didn’t know what she was talking about for the most part, but I note that tarot readers & pagans that work with people as shamans do get lumped into the psychic category. Really feels like your putting down a broad category of people because you had one bad experience.

  2. Chuck says:

    That particular psychic did you a favor by having you become aware of where you were at that particular moment that you could determine where you wanted to be and needed to be in the future. Sometimes learning the truth is not a pleasant experience.

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