Through the Looking Glass

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I had the coolest dream the other night; an astral visit with my brother. We often have deeply spiritual conversations about life and philosophy in our waking hours, so it wasn’t a surprise to have this conversation show up in my dream state. Our light bodies can go anywhere they want, we often visit loved ones, ancestors, and communicate with spirit guides when we are sleeping or shamanically journeying. The messages you receive in the astral realm should be remembered and studied, so many helpful things are taught and shared. That night my brother taught me something very profound, I wanted to share with others that might be struggling in their waking hours to grasp on to other people’s point of view. That may be all of us right now lol so much is happening.  It’s something that is going to be a constant theme right now during this SHIFT.

In the dream, we met someplace that had no background, it was all white all around us, all I could see was him and his hands. I saw that he was creating something, he held up his hand and showed me what looked like a looking glass. His was not complete; he was picking up tiny pieces of glass that appeared from no where and studying them, holding them up to the light and placing them inside his looking glass. The pieces once placed would magically just stay put, because after all, it was a dream, the laws of physics and reality operate differently there. As he was placing the colored pieces randomly (they looked  like stained glass) I was showing him how to place the pieces in patterns, but he was drawn to place them in abstract ways which was intriguing! Kind of like a Jackson Pollock painting.


He explained that the different colors represented different life experiences and people’s vibration and perspectives in life, he said that we all saw and experience life through different colored glasses and shapes. My brother likes to study and research a lot! He loves pushing his brain to stretch in ways that help him see life from many perspectives. He has always tried to honor everyone’s point of view which I think is very admirable and extremely stressful sometimes lol!  We are a lot alike though in our quest for constant learning and curiosity. I really loved this metaphor he taught me. I’ve heard it also said that we all vibrate and march to our own unique beat but I loved this visual as well because it taught me something of how we see each other and explained why we can sometimes be limited by our narrow vision.

So many of us right now are being forced to see things in more polarizing ways, it’s stressing many people out including myself! But maybe it’s the only way to expand our horizons and our viewpoints and incorporate new colors and shapes into our lenses.  It at least explains why this can feel so challenging.  I know I definitely have access to a rainbow of colors and combinations but my dream showed me that I can be limited by familiar patterns, it made me realize there are others to be explored and created. I was drawn to create something like this in the dream a mandala, but I also really loved my brother’s abstract and  original creations. The possibilities seem endless.


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