NINJA SECRET #1; Psychic Defense & Conflict Resolution Skills

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Empaths, Light-Workers, and all people are greatly  affected by energy. The most sensitive among us  can get very drained and manipulated into reacting or involved with petty senseless drama, so I thought I would teach some of my ninja secrets that have helped me avoid silly petty stuff and not get energetically manipulated.  This skill is extremely valuable to have and hone not only can it help you avoid senseless petty stuff but it can help you reserve your energy for things you would rather be spending your energy on. I think this has to be  one of the most powerful skills that I have taught myself, it was the hardest to learn,  and I have spent many years practicing. I had to learn these lessons the hard way but you don’t have to.

I am an empath, intuitive, psychic, and clairvoyant which means I am extremely sensitive to energy and especially the energy of other people.  I used to hide out for years, because I often felt drained by other people and did not know how to get pulled into others people’s drama and be affected by their energy. I often felt manipulated, pushed around by people and would act like a doormat constantly giving or getting angry or feelings guilty.  BUT NOT ANYMORE! All that has really changed over the years because of some information and exercises I use often and I have been practicing this for many many years, with practice you can also be really great at this.

One way you can avoid getting sucked into drama is to make sure you are grounded and centered yourself daily. Clean and smudge your space and aura and fill yourself up with white light. Green light for healing, Purple for Transmutation. Pink for Self Love (I have a lot of other tips but start with this) smudge your home and light candles to burn up unwanted energies. For more tips check out these recommended Grounding Exercises 


The next time you feel annoyed aggravated defensive or angry when you are interacting with someone online or in person ask yourself this question before you respond.

1.Why is this person triggering me? What are they “trying” to make me feel? Try to pause before you respond.

2.Ask yourself, are they trying to make me feel afraid, less than, intimidated, weak, or guilty? Know that this is a “control drama”  and this is their way of subconsciously stealing energy from you. They might not be aware But know you don’t have to give it to them.

3. Just learn to see this as energy and a power play and train yourself to look for these things before you respond.




Intimidators: Steal energy from others by threatening you and making you feel fear. It can be subtle or it can be very direct.  These are the people that are better than you, wiser than you, smarter, prettier, etc. etc. Hipsters, the “cool kids”, you know the type.

-Interrogators: steal it by judging and questioning making you feel less than and making you question yourself.

-Aloof people: attract attention (and energy) to themselves by acting reserved or withdrawing they make you curious and you want to discover a lot about them. Often they will make sure to get your attention and then disappear. If they do it often this is what is going on. They are using you energetically. The longer you keep your attention on them the more you ” feed” them.

-Poor Me’s: Make us feel guilty and responsible for them and we might be tempted to give something our time,love, care, money. Just give what you feel comfortable giving or don’t give at all.

-Know It All’s; They want to get you to prove yourself and start telling them how much you know


Disengage don’t take it personal if you get suckered and manipulated to get mad defensive prove yourself or get fearful just know you are learning and you will get better at this. Learn to see and recognize a control drama before you get sucked in.   I can tell from miles away when someone is engaged in a energetic ” control drama” and I know what they are going to do before they even do it. I don’t take it personal and I don’t respond, I remain neutral this is a skill I have been able to practice a lot being an admin in a very large online group of 36,000 members. This is very important and powerful skill to have. I only engage now when I have to or want to.

These are priceless skills to have and something we are going to need to get better at as light-workers in the coming years.

Let me know how this helps you would love to hear any comments!

Be safe and protect yourself!


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10 responses to “NINJA SECRET #1; Psychic Defense & Conflict Resolution Skills”

  1. Thunder Monkey says:

    Beautifully Done Alexis .. 😉

  2. Gateway says:

    Thank you Jeff love you -you are such a great healer!

  3. Niki says:

    Amazing and I will practise these…. wow so many people in my life do this… well mainly 1… who I have left… I will practise and observe this…. X

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    It was a Lovely Note… Let me know!
    I had put my cell number on it, hope it’s not going to be Out There!
    Yes, having your number would be great!

  6. Carlette says:

    Perfect indeed as are You…
    My work hours are 10:30-2:30pm. ET
    at The Little Ole Schoolhouse…
    No, Sorry it’s not Red and does have more than one room…
    Not Little House on the prairie!

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