Power & Control; How to peacefully disengage. 

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When someone tries to give you unsolicited advice without your asking they are seeking to control you and in one way have power over you. It could also be a way they are energetically trying to steal energy from you and validate their reality. Some people think the way to create their reality is to force everyone and everything around them to be as they want. It’s a safety pattern that rarely works. You can’t change anyone, you can only change yourself. People can be influenced by you but they change when and if they really want to. In actuality they are not really stealing your energy, they are distracting you from yourself and manipulating you into putting all of your attention and mental focus (energy) on them. It’s a control drama and not really a big deal. The best way I handle someone seeking dominance and control over me is to block and disengage especially over petty ridiculous arguments or comments that are not really worth anyone’s time. I pick and choose my battles carefully. Some things are worth giving energy to and some are not.   When I am grounded and center and my consciousness is expanded to include my higher self I don’t engage or take it personal. When my consciousness is shrunk because I am in an emotional state or triggered by a mental pattern, I slip up and give into the egoic power play.


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”-Benjamin Franklin

Daily Meditation first thing in the morning connecting to and opening my 8th soul star chakra and connecting down into the earths iron core really makes the biggest difference.  It helps me to connect to  god within and my higher self.  When I am disciplined doing this daily maybe even a few times a day I feel grounded and centered, and it helps me take that pause and deep breath that maintains my inner calm that is very handy when dealing with uncomfortable interactions.

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