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on the inside?

Authentic Happiness is when you feel happy on the inside, it’s the kind of happiness that brings peace and fulfillment.  It’s mental happiness, emotional happiness, and spirit happiness.  Far too many women I see, miss out on this kind of authentic joy because they don’t have extra time, money, or energy. All of their resources are tied up in investing on the outside. Well what about what’s on the inside?  Getting your nails or your hair done, getting a new tattoo, buying new clothes, even losing weight, might be fun in the moment, but does it really bring deep lasting happiness? I mean it can,  If you are a person that has deprived yourself of all those things then yes it can be deeply healing and rewarding, but that’s not the case for the average American Woman that spends most of her money, time, and energy on keeping up appearances. But why don’t those things bring us lasting happiness? Because we are multi-dimensional beings.  We have a body and a mind,  we also have a soul and a spirit. All  those other areas of your life require attention. Far too often it seems, the underlying motivation to excessively invest in the superficial  is to seek outside approval. To fit in. To keep up appearances. But let me tell you, seeking outside approval, I found out the hard way, is the quickest way to misery. Approval must come from within or you will be dependent on others for your happiness. Excessive shopping does not bring lasting happiness. If it did you wouldn’t have to keep doing it to get those frequent dopamine hits.  It can be addicting. To be authentically aligned and happy, you have to invest in your inner happiness. Invest in your own healing,  be conscious and deliberate about your recovery and health. Because it will lead to improved self esteem and a better quality of life. 

One of the smartest things I did  after my nervous breakdown was to stop shopping and to stop focusing on superficial material things. I spent every dollar I could on  HEALING MY SOUL, HEALING MY MIND, LISTENING TO MY SOUL, and HEALING MY EMOTIONS,  HEALING MY  SPIRIT. It took years to re-birth myself and to get to know who I really was. Not an easy task for a recovering People Pleasing, passive aggressive, non speaking, Co-Dependent that used to allow myself to be used, manipulated, disrespected, that tolerated copious amounts of disrespect for years!!!!! I had to really fight for my happiness, I had to dig it out, and be deliberate. I looked at all areas of my life, all of my relationships and studied  the relationship I had deeply with myself more importantly. I had to examine my unhappiness and get to the heart of why  I had wanted to end my life. The recovery was slow; I started with making  a long list, and little by little everything started to heal. I examined  everything I was doing that was out of my alignment with my values, out of alignment with my true core authentic happiness. I healed the low self esteem, the negative thinking, the people pleasing, the co-dependency, the whiny poor me. I overcame my pride and shame and asked for help. I spoke up. I stopped feeling guilty. I stopped saying “ I should” “ I have to “ I ought to” and I started saying “ I want to” “ I don’t went to”. I became extremely driven and deliberate about healing myself and didn’t stop until I saw huge improvements. If you are hurting today, I urge you to invest in yourself; if you don’t already.  And if you can’t, ask yourself why? Message me, if you need help. 

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I am in month one of my 90 Day Program with Alexis and I am improving in ways I never thought were possible! This woman has shined the light in my life and Helped GOD and my SPIRIT Guides show me clear thinking which has brought a deeper understanding to myself. I can't wait to see where I will be at the end of the program!

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Daily Habits to Help You Get to Know Yourself on Deeper Levels: 

  1. Journal Daily

  2. Meditate

  3. Spend Time Alone

  4. Get Quality Sleep

  5. Eat a Brain Healthy Diet

  6. Build A Strong Aura

  7. Do What Lights you up

  8. Listen to Music

  9. Spend Time in Nature

  10. Remember Your Dreams

  11. Get Regular Massages and Healing

  12. Make A list of Your Favorite Things 

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