NINJA SECRET #2; Grounding & Earthing; Why is it so important?

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167GROUNDING! GROUNDING! GROUNDING! So many people talking about this and not enough people understand why this is so critical and important for every living human being.   I m very active on social media and I often have hundreds of people from all walks of life drawn to me, as a vessel and channel for god I love my work and being of service and pour my heart into sincerely giving what I can from my heart and soul. I love  helping, listening, loving and trying to ease people’s worries and pain. I went through my own  hell and healed myself  so I have lots of compassion and lots to say about helping you, but it’s so frustrating when people don’t really follow up on the wisdom. I often get people asking for advise about this ailment or issue, and I always recommend grounding first and foremost for everything .  But very few people take this seriously.  I often follow up and ask people if they are regularly taking time out to ground daily,  and for whatever reason it’s the last thing that people will do and it should be the first. They would rather spend more money on books, healing, drugs, prescriptions, etc etc than doing something that is absolutely FREE. We want a quick fix we want someone to solve our problems and to do it for us but we really have much more tools to heal ourselves than we realize.  After getting  many blank stares I realized it was more important for me to write an article in my own words about the science behind this.  I feel more people would take these little grounding exorcises more seriously if they understood a little bit about photonic light and the invisible energy that greatly affects all of us, that is beyond our sight to really appreciate how  important this really is for EVERYONE. And I mean everyone, not just sensitives, psychics, empaths, etc.  I admit it took me a very long time before I began to do this daily but that was because I didn’t fully understand it the way I do now. My life had to get very chaotic and painful before I began to turn on my psychic abilities but your life does not have to!

We-are-made-of-star-stuffIt’s no secret that everything in the known universe including you is made up of energy, particles, photons and rays. Everything around us is energy and frequency, in other words tiny bits of visible and mostly invisible molecular data in the form of mostly photonic light coming at us, being permeated through us and others and all walks of life from every different direction. Even if you never listen to the radio,or watch tv, or go online we all know  the world is a busy place and 24/7 we are all being  bombarded with data. No one is immune. What many people are not aware of much of the data coming at us and influencing us is stuff we cannot see.  We cannot see  it because it exist in other dimensions and frequencies  outside of our line of sight. Let’s back track a little.  Without getting too technical we all have heard that everything in the known galaxy down to the tiniest basic molecules and electrons; you, me, the ocean, your cat, all matter and dark matter was all created from the big bang-essentially star stuff.  Mystics, Psychics, and Shamans have known this forever, but now even modern science has finally caught up and the field of QUANTUM PHYSICS would agree that every single living thing in the galaxy and of course on our planet on a molecular level is not solid at all. Everything is  comprised of tiny particles of light and electromagnetic spectrum of light, waves, frequency( sound), color, chemicals, minerals, and magnetic fields. You know just your basic “star stuff“.

What is star stuff you say? Without getting too technical it is all the elements in the periodic table, and a huge range of frequencies in the form of radio waves, x-rays, gamma rays, microwaves. We all know these things exist even though we cannot see it but many don’t realize it is influencing us unless you are sensitive and psychic and you pick up on these higher dimensions and frequencies than you are very well aware that this other invisible world exist.  And this isn’t even all of it there is so much more to know. We are also being influenced constantly by celestial data solar flares and other planetary and celestial happenings. So without getting more technical we are all transmitters and we are all walking with signals and little antennas interpreting and channeling all of the data most of the time we are not even aware of it. The ringing in your ears, the tiredness it’s not your imagination this is all the invisible energy affecting you grounding can help with that.

Here are some simple things you can do daily to ground yourself

  2. Exercise
  3. Prayer
  4. Deep breathing
  5. Earthing
  6. Visualizations
  7. Detox Baths
  8. Feeling your Feet
  9. Grounding roots into the earth
  10. Chanting
  11. Drink Lots of water
  12. Eat a lot of vegetables
  13. There is so much more you can do!

Doing this daily can you help you;

  • Worry less
  • Feel more at peace
  • Feel more centered
  • Feel less spaced out and foggy
  • Think more clearly
  • Be more present
  • Help you feel more in tune with your inner voice and intuition
  • Help you not be so reactive energetically to chaos around you
  • Help you manifest your desires  more clearly and consistently
  • Help you hear divine guidance coming from the  heavenly realms
  • Help you emit your own frequency instead of being manipulated and pushed around by the world.
  • Help you develop your psychic abilities
  • Help with ADD and ADHD symptoms

Clean the energy in you home too! I recommend in addition to Grounding and Earthing Your body ground and clean your home environment or works space and this also will greatly improve the energy in and around you!Here is a great video from Jamie Butler the famous medium from the very popular Channeling Erik website and the owner for the Center of Love and Light She gives you some great examples of how to clean the energy in your space. All of these tips and exercises will great help you gain more peace clarity and maybe even heal many of your physical symptoms of illness.


stardustTry these techniques for 10 days straight do as much as you can and tell me how it works for you.

I dare you to thrive and take control of your energy!

For more tips and guidance or to book a session click here

Stay Grounded and Have a great day!


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