The Magic of Crystals-Merlinite

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I have been  investing in many tools for my healing practice and work and received a notice today on my phone  that my Merlinite crystal has arrived. I haven’ t even touched it and it’s already teaching me things!!!!!! It is a stone of magic and helps draw more meaningful syncronicity to your life. I go down to my mailbox and my key won’t work, it seems jammed. I try for about 10 minutes and can’t get my mailbox to open.I even tried to get someone to help me finally realized I could break my key.  I laugh and say  to myself ” okay spirit guides, am I supposed to use telekinesis? “
That sounds funny but over the last few years I have been put through several initiations and little ” test” by my spirit guides and higher self. The only way I could get out of these precarious situations was by learning to rely solely on my psychic abilities ( clairaudiance, clairsentience, claircognisance, and intuition, sometimes clairvoyance). Time and time again I realize, yes I am gifted and I really can use these senses. I use my gifts now in preventative ways. I know when someone or something is not right for me because of my abilities. Your body always gives you signs if you really get in tune and pay attention. Daily meditation and practice helps.
After a few minutes I gave up  trying to use my key and walked upstairs. I  decided to wait until the postman comes back again tomorrow to catch him. I go upstairs to read more about this stone and I am literally  laughing out loud.
It reads,  “This beautiful stone has a vibration that helps to promote spiritual growth. It blends heavenly and earthly energy, and it helps you to remain open and approachable.
It assists you to embrace things that happen, that are different to your normal way of living your life.”  lol!!!!! Okay I got it! Lesson of the day; Go with the flow! Slow down! Stop rushing it’s so true I need this reminder a lot.  When trying to manifest anything using the law of attraction stay calm. Desperate manic impatient energy always pushes things away from you; including people, jobs, things, situations.
Be careful! This is a powerful stone that could also draw dark night of the soul experiences to you. If you are an alchemist and know how to use that energy it can be very powerful.  Pain, anger, fear, desperation these are all feelings and emotional energy that when used properly can be transformed into medicine, wisdom,  and motivation. That is powerful transformative energy you can use as a catalyst to push you out of your “ruts” and “comfort zones”. It’s hard to make changes sometimes without motivation  so if you are ready for that kind of change- go for it!
Thanks Merlin!


Merlin (from wikipedia)  is a legendary figure best known as the wizard featured in Arthurian legend. The standard depiction of the character first appears in Geoffrey of Monmouth‘s Historia Regum Britanniae, written c. 1136, and is based on an amalgamation of previous historical and legendary figures. Geoffrey’s rendering of the character was immediately popular, especially in Wales.[1]

Later writers expanded the account to produce a fuller image of the wizard. Merlin’s traditional biography casts him as a cambion: born of a mortal woman, sired by an incubus, the non-human from whom he inherits his supernatural powers and abilities.[2] The name of Merlin’s mother is not usually stated but is given as Adhan in the oldest version of the Prose Brut.[3] Merlin matures to an ascendant sagehood and engineers the birth of Arthur through magic and intrigue.[4] Later authors have Merlin serve as the king’s advisor until he is bewitched and imprisoned by the Lady of the Lake.[4]

Nikolai Tolstoy[12] hypothesizes that Merlin is based on a historical personage, probably a 6th-century Druid living in southern Scotland. His argument is based on the fact that early references to Merlin describe him as possessing characteristics which modern scholarship (but not that of the time the sources were written) would recognize as Druidical – the inference being that those characteristics were not invented by the early chroniclers, but belonged to a real person. If so, the hypothetical Merlin would have lived about a century after the hypothetical historical Arthur.

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