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Shits going to hell in a hand basket people! Volcanoes are erupting, earthquakes, hurricanes, mass hysteria, Harvey Weinstein’s are being put to pasture, Roseanne Barr’s are being told to stfu! Why? Because we are awakening and the collective vibration is increasing. The higher we go you know that Schumann Resonance thingy, the more we literally won’t be able to tolerate lower vibrational energy, it just cannot sustain the higher energies and frequencies. I started noticing this awhile ago how interesting it is that these natural disasters are happening in the places with high concentrations of brown people! Maybe it’s just happening wherever the energy needs to shift the most! The places Trump is treating with complete disdain and disrespect, the places that have been treated poorly for hundreds of years. It doesn’t matter what color you are, we are all being impacted and feeling the changes. We are feeling it big time in our brown and black communities, it stings and it stings bad! Wherever hate exist, wherever denial exist, stubbornness and a refusal to change. The collective ego is being ripped to shreds.  Trump the trickster, the coyote is here to catalyze all of our deepest core wounds and stab us in those deep dark places that really need to see the light of day. This is the great collective cleanse, a time for people of color to collectively embrace this process, heal deep ancestral wounds, reclaim our voices and our identity, organize and educate ourselves. If we have been passive, it’s time to fight back. If we have been silent it’s time to speak, if we have been overly loud it’s time to listen. If you have been a bully and overused your power, it’s time to shut up, to learn, to listen. We need to tell our stories and STEP UP!

You can run but you cannot hide and isn’t that exciting! This is going to play out in the media, in our politics, in our personal lives, our friendships, our health and we must embrace this process! We must not continue to allow this to victimize us no matter who you are, and it doesn’t mean that we need too need to become hateful bullies, its doesn’t mean we have to be overly humble and keep taking it either. We need to be brave. Everyone is being forced to understand the victim/ bully dynamic and learn deeper lessons about power and maturity. Left brain/ Right Brain. Yin/Yang. Feminine/ Masculine. Light/ Shadow. Alkaline/ Acid-where is your life out of balance?  This SHIFT, it’s meant to empower us, change us, heal us, however scary it can be.  My deep healing and transformation process has been extremely intense for about 17 years! Those of use meant to lead, called to heal, the teachers, visionaries, mystics ….well we go through extra batches of fun trials and tribulations.  I am amazed at how many of us in that category  are master numbers. If you are a master number well lol hahaha your screwed! You have to own your stuff OR ELSE!!!!

UNDERSTAND THE POWER YOU HAVE OR ELSE! Most of the master numbers are intensely powerful manifestors, so let’s watch what we are consciously or subconsciously manifesting. Or learn like me, the hard way lol! But I am sooooo excited! Why? Because I am doing and have been doing all the intense ugly messy intense work for years and am finally starting to reap enormous rewards; SELF ESTEEM, CONFIDENCE, SELF RESPECT, ALIGNMENT, SYNCRONICITY, AND FLOW! FOR THE LAST FEW YEARS EVERY TIME I MAKE A BIG CHANGE!  I looked at my wounds, stuck my hands in and started pulling out all  the sludge, addressing the anger, the pain,the trauma. I am excited because as shitty and messy as this sounds, I know what the goal is, what the potential is and where we are heading! I think it’s gonna be AWESOME, if we choose it, if we align with it and say YES! It’s time for everyone to grow up emotionally and stop acting like children, time to listen, speak up, and learn another way. Everything happening on our planet is about this image right here! Look above or below, not sure where it is showing up on your screen, but LOOK! The degree to which we aren’t seeing harmony in some way is the degree to which we must work.  If you are seeing tons of fighting conflict and chaos in the outer world,  that is also happening inside of you and it’s not BAD, it just needs to be addressed and handled.  Either way,  It’s HAPPENING, and it’s trying to get your attention and force you AWAKE! Whether it takes you kicking and screaming, lol well that’s up to you. We are all being challenged and forced to balance, unite, heal and understand the differences between our  divine feminine and divine masculine aspects.


The entire planet is out of balance and re-calibrating. It’s evolving , growing, and changing, shedding what no longer works, what no longer feels good. This EARTH SHE IS ALIVE and SHE IS ALSO ALIVE IN YOU.  This will play out and impact all of your relationships within yourself, your friendships, especially your romantic relationships. You can run but you cannot hide from your lessons and the things you are meant to learn and experience! Time to let love in and look at all the ways you push it away. Your relationships; especially the ones that trigger you and challenge you, will catalyze you and force you to change, learn, and grow! They might really hurt you and cause you immense pain, they might really piss you off and make you extremely sick, but what are you going to do about it? These lessons seem to be coming in quick with a fury right now, and you will keep attracting repeating situations until you begin to do something different! I had to do a 180! I am still embracing my power my divinity and reclaiming my right to be a QUEEN to DEMAND respect, but first I had to get REALLY REAL and LEARN TO RESPECT AND LOVE MYSELF. TO EMPOWER MYSELF.   I had to embrace so much humility, overcome my pride, and learn to STOP BEING AFRAID OF MY ANGER TO LEARN TO USE MY POWER IN RESPONSIBLE MATURE WAYS, and I am still learning!

YOU WILL MAKE POWERFUL SHIFTS IN ALL YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, when you stop and look at what your partner, friend, or foe is triggering and mirroring to you about you! Look for the lesson. I know not everyone is ready to hear that,  it took me years and years to heal the trauma, find my voice and step into real maturity. I needed years of self love and compassion and yes screaming about ways I was victimized before I was willing to gasp, LOOK AT MY OWN BEHAVIORS! Once I was able to look at my own shadow and analyze what I DID OR DIDN’T do  to contribute to my situations I began to SHIFT.  I started taking much more responsibility for places I was refusing to learn, places I was stuck unhealed or in denial. I looked at everything with a fine tooth comb. I analyzed my past like a forensic criminologist, a forensic pathologist! What I did or didn’t do, what choices I made and potential mistakes I made. I kept asking, what did I learn from this or that? What am I meant to learn now? What did I do right?

I stopped blaming others for choices I had made; that one was still can be  really hard for me especially with people that I felt had very much OVERPOWERED, INTIMIDATED, ABUSED, USED, and GROSSLY MISTREATED ME, I could finally see the bigger picture!  It shifted me dramatically out of the blame game, out of hate! I read new things, tried many new things, opened my eyes, analyzed every mistake and situation and asked myself how could I have handled that better ? Where did I act immature and childish? When did I play passive aggressive games? Or run away ? Or run away and refuse to communicate? When did I abuse my power? When was I ever a bully? Did I play tit for tat ? Lie or manipulate ? Did I let them win and fall in to self destructive patterns?

When you CAN SHED THE DENIAL AND STOP RUNNING and really own your shit, that’s what’s true empowerment comes from. All those things you do when no one is looking. Your secret motives, the thoughts you think in your head, the feelings you are repressing, that is what you are really attracting, you can’t bullshit your way out of this, or me lol. Someone in my family used to always say, ” You can’t bullshit a bullshitter!” My compassion for my romantic partners and enemies grew exponentially! YES LOVE AND FREAKING LIGHT LITERALLY CAME IN! It’s doesn’t mean we are all sitting together baking bread eating tea and crumpets, but I love and say prayers from afar for everyone!

I think its fascinating how this is all playing out in our personal lives and relationships as it pertains to RACE right now. How has racism impacted your life? Your self esteem? Will you be temped to stay the same or will we collectively embrace our power which means speaking our truth? My motto continues to be, DO NO HARM, BUT TAKE NO SHIT, SPEAK UP! FIGHT BACK! When you start really releasing and getting to the HEART of things you will raise your vibration. Opening, healing, and balancing  the chakras, It’s BIG DEEP WORK, it’s why we are here! WE MUST HEAL OUR PAST, WE MUST FACE IT, and STOP PRETENDING IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TODAY. 

We all have chakras and so does the entire planet,  so what we do to her we do to ourselves, we really are all connected whether we like it or not.  WATCH OUT for the test and temptations that will consistently appear when you start making big leaps forward. They will make you want to fall back into your lower self. Keep integrating, balancing and calling in your soul and your highest selves. What I noticed a long time ago is that, I grew the quickest when I began healing my own hatred and anger. When I stopped numbing, denying, and pretending I was ALL HEALED. When I began really speaking up and owning my power. It’s the biggest act of self-love and self-care.  The deeper we love ourselves the deeper we can love others. The more we hate ourselves the more we hate others. See how that works?

I have great love for everyone on the planet; women and men of every color, but right now I feel called to work only with women and women of color that really can use the extra support.  I am a women of color, so this just makes lots of sense. If you are interested in working with me for intuitive/ shamanic/psychic/ mediumship readings and healing, PLEASE CLICK HERE My focus is on educating, teaching sharing resources and helping people make deep lasting multidimensional transformations in baby steps and phases.  I work randomly, intuitively and on a sliding scale. It just works out best this way and keeps me heart centered and authentic.



Hi! My name is Alexis Serrano-Camenzind.

Four years ago I went through an intense spiritual transformation and awakening for the second time in my life. It has changed my life in ways that I could never have imagined ! I fell apart had a breakdown and a breakthrough and admitted to myself and the world that I really wasn’t being myself and that I needed to heal and be real! I came out as an empath,clairvoyant, intuitive and shamanic healer I had always had these gifts but was too terrified to ever talk about them until the time came that my life depended on me embracing them. I started sharing my story and connecting to other like minded souls and women that were also healing and re-inventing their lives. I found my voice, I took back my power, I reclaimed my life and aligned my life with my soul. I also started training in many different types of energy healing blogging, and devoting most of my time to activism.

I blog about my personal journey; alchemy, shadow-work, authenticity, the divine feminine shift, and being part of an online community of people committed to healing themselves and re birthing a NEWEARTH. I also am a shamanic energy healer and do intuitive/psychic/medium readings! I also started and manage a couple of women’s groups and hope to eventually be leading a local monthly drum circle.


WLN SOUL SISTERS (Whitelightninja Soul Sisters) is a Facebook group that I was guided and divinely inspired to create in 2015, to hold a place for women from all walks of life to share our stories, and create soulful meaningful connections with each other. It is a continuation of the work I do and have started that is linked to my website called WHITELIGHTNINJA.COM.

CONSCIOUS LATINA RISING; Please Join I am hoping to create a MOVEMENT! Powerful information and connections happening there! Let’s talk about it! Let’s organize for sharing, healing, empowerment, and VALIDATION! Especially with what is happening with the current administration many need a safe place to vent that is free from DRAMA, DENIAL, and further systematic minimization.






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