Episode 10-The Ego is Not the Enemy w/ Gabriel Laracuente

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If you are struggling with your mental health and seeking a spiritual path and feel confused about the role of the Ego  this podcast is for you!  


For all spiritual seekers, enthusiast, reality explorers, lightworkers, conscious co-creators,  this is an informative Podcast that takes a serious look at the role of the Ego. Guess what? Contrary to what you will mostly hear, Hating your ego and spiritually bypassing could be why you are stuck and not attracting or healing as deeply as you want. 

Say what?  Listen to my friend Gabriel Laracuente and I; two mystics and Holistic healers that have learned to apply spiritual teachings in the real world sit down to talk about all the misconceptions and problems we found with the popular message;  to transcend and ignore  the ego. We discuss some heavy topics around spiritually bypassing, racism and leaders in the spiritual community, white privilege, anchoring heaven on earth, embracing the ego and how we found out the hard way that we can in fact embrace the Ego and by doing so embrace your destiny. For anyone trying to deeply heal, improve your relationships, and break cycles and patterns, heal multigenerational trauma, this is for you. 


ARE YOU A TRAUMA SURVIVOR NEEDING HELP LOOKING FOR Help?  I work with Codependents in Recovery and Early Childhood Trauma Survivors healing dissociation, breaking unhealthy habits and patterns,  learning how to develop better interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, develop a growth mindset, improve their self efficacy.  I also teach people how to self regulate and manage distressing thoughts and emotions, and to develop a stronger relationship with their intuition, inner child,  and higher self. 

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