Episode 12-A Quantum Awakening Story w/ Gabriel Laracuente

Posted On: July 17, 2020 | Time: 12:45 pm | no comments

This is kind of a far out episode that has some interesting twists and turns. I finally got to hear my friend, Holistic Wellness Coach and Quantum Healer Gabriel Laracuente’s  traumatic spiritual awakening story! I have  been hearing about it for some time, not knowing exactly what it entailed and was preparing to hear something like that sounded like Neo’s awakening in the movie The Matrix. I wasn’t completely far off! This bizarre and terrifying event, something he experienced in early adolescence, became a seminal moment for him. Catalyzing a spiritual journey and quest that led to martial arts training and a deep calling to explore self mastery.  I am so in line with that type of value system, after all the only person we can ever change is ourselves. My aunt used to say; ” Wherever you go, there you are lol!” And she is was right. 

The show then leads into familiar territory, we discuss how Holistic Healing, Optimized Nutrition, Detox, Grounding and other Healing Modalities are needed more than ever at this time. I was surprised to hear how much of these things I already incorporate into my coaching program but also excited to hear more about NEW cutting edge quantum technologies he will be unveiling soon, technologies that are supposed to counteract the effects of EMF Frequencies, 5G, and More. I was hoping we could discuss in greater detail how harmful radiation could impact us,  as I am not an expert on that topic at all, but hopefully we will explore that in a future show. The implications for trauma survivors is enormous as harmful EMF frequencies and prolonged exposure can make it more difficult to regulate our nervous systems, access our psychic ability, intuition and frontal cortex- key goals and deep challenges in permanent complex trauma recovery. 

It’s an interesting show for sure!


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