Episode 2: Empathy, Strength, & The Wholehearted

Posted On: May 28, 2019 | Time: 1:42 am | no comments

WHY DO SOME PEOPLE SEEM TO LACK EMPATHY WHILE OTHERS SEEM TO HAVE TOO MUCH OF IT? Why is having empathy and compassion for others seen as a weakness instead of strength; when so  much data, research, and spiritual teachings from many various religions recognize it as the traits of the evolved, the wise, and the strong? Listen to my take on this and hear why I think it’s a huge problem that is leading to Empathy Deficit Disorder and how a lack of information and education by the masses is helping to create deep stigma that is making it hard for people for people to come forward and ask for help. Learn about what empathy is, how you can recognize a person that doesn’t have it, cope with with them, and protect yourself, and how you can develop greater compassion and emotional intelligence. 


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