Episode 4-Loving a Woman with Chronic Illness w/ Tara Mandarano

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Episode 4-Loving a Woman with Chronic Illness w/ Tara Mandarano 

This week I am talking to Tara Mandarano a wife, mother, and mental health advocate that blogs about living with Bi-Polar II, Seasonal Affective Disorder, PMDD, and Fibromyalgia. I was inspired by her blog post;  How to Love a Woman with Chronic Illness.

Wether you are struggling with mental health issues; diagnosed or not, or know someone that struggles, there is a little something for everyone. We have an engaging dialogue about the gut/brain connection, medication,getting diagnosed, erasing stigma, being grateful to the people that love us, and getting to the root of the issue. For more information about Tara Mandarano you can connect with her here.

If you think you are struggling with Bi-Polar please check in with your healthcare professional before stopping medication, but please check out the book I mention in  the show called Healing Depression & Bipolar Without Drugs here

If you are interested in getting more support, healing, and learning how to cope without substances, or needing a supportive community connect with me here

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