Episode 5-A Serious Discussion about CBD with Industry Leader & Expert Shira Adler

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Thinking of adding CBD to your wellness regimen? But don’t know which products to try? Listen to this lively conversation with the “The Marijuana Mama” Shira Adler  who is an industry Leader & Expert, Advocate, Activist and Author of ” THE ABC”S OF CBD who teaches that “POT” is not what we thought.  She is a recognized media-wellness personality seen on Bravo, Good Morning America, The Today Show and more. I learned so much from our conversation, even after reading her book and found the science behind what it does for the brain and body fascinating. I think her products are a fantastic addition to a MIND, BODY, SOUL WELLNESS PLAN that I live by and promote for anyone seeking to find balance, heal from trauma, and manage their mental health with or without pharmaceutical medications.  CBD can help with many health issues. It is personally helping me make positive changes to my diet and helping with chronic digestion issues. We talk about getting to the heart of your issues  THE GUT-BRAIN CONNECTION WHICH IS THE LATEST RESEARCH RELATED TO  MENTAL HEALTH WELLNESS. Whether you know a little or know a lot, or you are looking to find high quality CBD products, this is a show you are not going to want to miss.

You can find out more about Shira at ; www.shirasynergy.com 

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