Episode 6-Transformational Energy Healing & The Power of Words w Christy Warnick

Posted On: July 26, 2019 | Time: 6:39 pm | no comments

Listen to this interesting discussion with fellow Energy Healer and Intuitive Christy Warnick as we talk about the Transformational Power of Words. Get a sample of some of her innovative work and listen to some techniques she used to shift her clients out of the stories that hurt, by shifting the energy around the basic structures of the triggered narrative. Sounds interesting right? She also shares some free energy healing techniques and tools you can begin to apply right here right now. Talking to her is a little like talking to my higher self-a very different energy and experience that is freeing and uplifting. We have a fascinating discussion about the Higher Self, God,Energy Healing, The Quantum Matrix, and the transformational power of the work we get to do.

You can connect with Christy at ; www.christywarnick.com

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