Healing Trauma by Tapping into Your Intuition! W/ Elizabeth Van Cleve

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So excited to be back after a month of SUMMER SABBATICAL.  Sorry I was gone sooo long! We all need that quiet time….to process ..right?  Please listen to this great PODCAST!! Seriously, like one of my favorites.

I am so excited for this episode because we are going to be talking about the Power of Intuition, Going Within, and learning to trust yourself. I am going to be chatting with a new friend and guest Elizabeth Ann Van Cleve, who is an abuse survivor, intuitive life coach and author. Both of our stories while quite different come to the same conclusion;


More about the show:

So her your book which can be purchased on Amazon is called, The Voice of God Within, an Inward Journey of Discovery and Restoration. Raised from a child in a fanatical religious cult for 18 years I rode and unending roller coaster of spiritual highs and tormenting lows…FEAR became the invisible lock and key on the doors. In this book the author passionately recounts her experience of finding true soul freedom. She challenges you to take a step away from politically correct religion and its dogma and become more intimately acquainted with the unique voice of God within your own soul.  The reason I was so excited to talk to her  about this is because this TOPIC IS HUGE FOR ME it’s a huge part of my story, the backbone of my work and teachings, it’s something I talk about constantly and part of what I am helping woman and trauma survivors I coach to learn. I didn’t escape a cult per se but I did defect and go no contact from a very abusive narcissistic family that robbed me of my free will.



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