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Breaking the Victim Mindset

If there is anyone that understands what it’s like to be victimized  and to feel powerless it’s me, but I consciously don’t label myself a victim and there is a powerful reason why. I  fought like hell to not remain in the victim, poor me mindset. For a long time that worked against me; I was so strong and so high functioning  with all the issues I had going on that I didn’t know how to admit I needed help or that I needed healing which actually made me another kind of victim and it backfired big time! It’s okay to ask for help without labeling yourself a victim. Now, I’m not saying this because I felt guilty, or bad, or pressured into new age shamers that blame you for attracting it. I didn’t feel I attracted it or that it was my fault. When your kid you don’t usually have the power or ability to fight back, but when you get older it’s a different thing. And I know that some of you have never been exposed to tools & information that has allowed you to heal, but that is what my page and work is all about, so I’m glad you found me. I have many tools that can help you feel better and break out of the hardest things trauma survivors face which is breaking out of the victim mindset. 
Working with me; I’m gonna give you a huge heap of love & validation, but I am also going to empower you with tools to begin healing. Please ask me about my work and the programs I have going on. They are specifically designed to shift you back into your power. I want you to love yourself and to feel safe to be authentic, but I also want you to get pissed and help you fight back. I want to help you channel the energy productively and teach you how to use your anger as fuel. I want you to know you don’t have to continue suffering. We will all feel pain at some point in our lives, but we don’t have to suffer for years and years on end. It’s one thing to feel your feelings to grieve, vent, and process, and validate on what you went through, and feel your feelings when your going through it, but it’s a whole other enchilada to unpack your bags and move to victim island permanently.
Trust me I know how challenging it can be to get through this, especially those of us that truly have gone through hellish things as children and adults that left us with mental and emotional scars that have been debilitating, but as long as your working on it your not acting like a victim. I hope to embody and teach that there is a way to carry that pain and move through it with more grace and power, that won’t rob you of your dignity. The quicker you can get out of feeling “powerless” and “ helpless”, the quicker you will start to feel better and you will stop attracting bullies.
So what steps can you take, to take back your power and break the victim mindset?
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Try These Tips 

1) Take some time to meditate on what you can control and what you cannot control. I know it’s tempting to stay stuck in your feelings and to dwell, but don’t live there. The sooner you separate what you have power over and what you don’t, the sooner you can take action. Hint; you have no power over your past, but you do have power in your present. Watch what you tell yourself, don’t permanently label yourself as a victim, switch it up to survivor, thriver, warrior. You were victimized, but you are not a victim. Are there mean bullies and scary people in the world? Yes!! But there are more tough survivors.

2) Don’t label yourself by what happened to you. Look deeper at the inner qualities you have like; courage, strength, and perseverance. You are a spiritual being on a human journey. You are a divine being of light, you have power.

3. Be proactive about what your struggling with. Work on your healing and your recovery. Work on your mental health. Book sessions, readings, healings, do anything to get into the solution. It doesn’t matter if your taking the slow boat to China to do it just do something.

4. Speak up. Don’t pretend your fine when your not. Nothing screams victim louder than pretending your fine when your clearly not! Plus it’s super obvious when your troubled especially to empathic intuitive sensitive people like me. No one likes seeing permanent victims that whine endlessly about things that they can’t control and that they refuse to do anything about. It’s draining and addicting and not the best way to get energy and attention. I know it’s hard to ask for help, but you need to start. The sooner you do the better you will feel. Believe you can do it. Get help, listen to people that have broken through.

5. Admit what’s working in your life and what’s not and commit to making a change. Don’t stay stuck in situations that consistently make you feel victimized and miserable. Commit to making a change, and when your ready take action. Maybe you need to change your attitude, your behaviors, the way your responding.

6) Work on your mindset, work on your energy and attitude. If your attitude sucks work to improve it. Feel your feelings and stop denying your rage and anger. If your energy is low, exercise, eat better, get good sleep, get support, remove yourself from toxic people and situations. If you feel you have tried everything and nothing has worked open your mind and try new things. If your lonely, take steps to get connected.

7) Don’t underestimate the amount of effort and energy it takes to get better. If you have been a negative, depressed, workaholic, jaded hopeless person or whatever you are for many years; it’s going to require time and commitment to change but it’s doable!!! Healing and recovery can take a lot of time, energy, and consistent action. Don’t just try one thing or expect one reading or one healing to fix everything. Make your happiness and mental health a priority and have realistic expectations. Don’t stop until your where you want to be. If you are currently struggling with healing, recovery, or feeling powerless and miserable in your life reach out. My work is designed to help you heal and help break you out of that helpless mindset. I haven’t had one person that I have worked with over a period of time that is coachable; that stays stuck. Believe something and someone can help you and you will find it! Your healing is on the other side of your beliefs. 

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    Thank you so much for your comments I have a fantastic web guy I really am happy with, he understands the work I do. Yes this is powerful information that may take time to digest and apply but can greatly change your life. Let me know if you need help.

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    Thank you friend, sending much love and
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