9/9/9;Epic Hero’s Journey

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What an epic dream I had last night!!!!! Nine, Nine, Nine!

I dreamt someone gave me a receipt, a cousin and said I had money in this account I had been paying for a very long time and didn’t know it. It was $353 or something not a lot, but still !!! He handed me a receipt and told me to call the number. So I did I’m not sure what happened but we ended up going down to the corporate offices instead where this person was. It was me and my husband, Joe. We get down there and I ask to call the CEO from the reception phone. For the life of me I could not figure out how to dial out you didn’t dial 1 first.  I had to call the lobby and ask, the code was 611 and then dial out. Like who does that ?
So the receptionist says something very rudely to me and I said something very rude and sarcastic back, and then as we were laughing, I said yeah “hey fuck off lol ” like a stupid kid playing would say. Joe was laughing and we were playing like two kids. So next thing I know she says she is gonna throw me out and gets all serious. I tried some quick talking and backtracking and it didn’t work at all !!!!!! I quickly dial 611 and the number  and a recording says “thanks for calling The Law Offices of Joseph Camenzind” and I gasp and tell Joe omg they are pretending to be you ?!!!!!!! (side note he is a lawyer) next thing I know a group of very stern corporate types;  men and women in a sea of gray suits show up at the door of the conference room. I swear everyone is like 12 feet tall ….and they all have scowls. I got frightened, but me being me always standing my ground,  I said “No I am not leaving without my money !!!!!”

So then they are about to pick me up and throw me out and I started running through out the offices. It’s a huge freaking fiasco with security guards, dogs, suits!!! Joe is running after me I keep running upstairs like stupid girls do in scary movies lol I am running and running as running and at this point I sense that my life is in real freaking danger !!!! It has become a fiasco.

I can feel that these people are violent and scary and I’m running under tables over chairs I keep going up finally we all end up at the highest level! Then here is where the dream gets interesting it’s like I split in two, I suddenly turn into a white girl with blond hair lol and the real me is a ghost I morph into something else it’s like I am a spirit that stays behind but I’m worried sick for her. I am watching out for her telling her “keep fucking running !!!!!!!” In my dream my heart was beating so fast I was scared out of my mind just tons of adrenaline pumping through me. She runs like a bat out of hell down stairs and she is super fast maybe because I wasnt weighing her down ?!!!

Like really she is sprinting like an Olympic athlete its long and drawn out at each level but she keeps getting faster and faster it’s like her strategy is to tire them all out!!! She gets downstairs and we all finally catch up with her we think on the bottom stairs and we all go to the front lobby, it is huge strange shape a long horizontal rectangle with hardwood floors silver beams and all glass doors that are also the windows it’s very clear glass.  Out of the corner of my eye I see that the door is open and I see a beautiful landscape with trees the sun just went down. We turn to look in one of the conference rooms and we smack dab into the receptionist ! She has a look of real panic and concern and has morphed into a nice lady and she tells the blond me “run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” It seems she made a friend along the way who got them all a little sidetracked and bought her some time on one level and made them chase her the wrong way. (she also has blond hair) it was all happening so fast they couldn’t tell. The receptionist looks towards the lobby just as white blond me with medium length hair is bolting out the front doors of the lobby with something in her hand!!! We all run after here and start running and falling down a hill, next thing we know white super me has jumped into a Mini Cooper ( I used to own one) and gets away !!!!!!!!!

Exhausted but excited we all start screaming and laughing and crying and chanting “She got away! She got away! She got away ! She got away !!!” I don’t know what happened here but somehow her little performance and extremely insanely bad ass Olympic moves and her giving the fight and show of her life made everyone turn from wanting to see her dead to being amazed by her. It wakes everyone up out of their spell and they are blown away by what a little bad ass she is !!!! Not only did she survive them, she got away and took her money she took a whole car!!!!! lol. Everyone at that point is screaming and jumping and laughing and on the floor now under the trees on the grass going,  “wow !!!!!!!!!” It becomes a celebration about humanity and the human spirit.

The next day she comes back and everyone freaking loves her and is excited to see her. I am still separated and trying to integrate back with her…I have forgotten that I am her that she is an aspect of me. I am part of her that carried all her pain, her bad memories, and traumas and stuff weighing her down so she could have our body survive.

Like Holy Crap !  What a freaking Dream!!!  This is so symbolic considering the huge leaps I am taking in my life and have been taking for 14 years and the jump in consciousness I have made and I am about to make.

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