Activism & Social Media; Use Facebook Groups Strategically

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318 million people in the United States and I wonder how many of them vote? I wonder how many of them are online and involved in these numerous Facebook groups I participate in? I belong to 50. Some of these individual groups have over 100,000 active members. This should be an activist and political organizers dream! But sadly, it’s not. 
I spent many hours chatting with people yesterday with members of various online groups with names like ; Rainbow Warriors, Underground Revolution, Light-Workers of the World. It appears there is no planning, no leadership, no movements, no important discussions being had about how to solve any problems in the world just a lot of whining complaining and talk about The New World Order, The Global Banking Elite, conspiracy theories, aliens,etc. I swear people in these groups know about every conspiracy theory and secret society out there! They even know how they work, their secret codes, they even have org charts, but isn’t it interesting that no one knows how the political system in the United States works? There is no one teaching people how to vote, explaining how laws are changed and how bills are passed. What is congress ? What does the Senate do? There is no one but me that I have seen spending time talking about the minor successes many groups have recently had; gay rights, animal rights, marijuana laws for instance. No those things might as well have never even happened because according to the consensus in these groups the “system” is fucked and flawed no matter who you vote for and there is no point anymore. It won’t matter who wins ? Really? It seems there is a big difference between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Apparently they have not heard the hatred spewing out of Trumps mouth or don’t care, and isn’t if interesting it’s usually white kids that don’t care if Trump wins and can’t see the difference- I mean of course this doesn’t affect you, your white!  
I love the people in these groups that say they are going to just stop participating in the economy and infrastructure and system. They are going to somehow dismantle organized religion, the medical industry, the prison industrial complex, and everything else that causes all these problems. As if they have that option. 
They can’t answer basic questions like; 
Where will you live ?


Get your food? 

Your water? 

Where will you get materials to build your commune? 

How will you keep order ?

Will you have rules?
What will you do when your commune is bombarded by people ?

Will you hire architects? 

Will you do away with cars or keep using them ?

Where will you get your gas ? 

What about refuse and waste? 

Throwing away your gadgets ? Your internet ?

Where will you get seed and tools? 

What about if you get sick?

The elderly? 

Criminals ?


What about clothing ? Will everyone make their own? 

Where is this going to be located ? 

How do you get land permits? 

Do you think the government is going to suddenly dismantle because a large group has decided to stop participating? 
No body has any answers everything is a theory, a concept, a hypothetical, there is no organization or planning. If you ask specific questions all the leaders (people with the most confidence that are active participants ) of these groups encourage and intimidate and bully everyone to not vote. In fact your harassed and made fun of if you say your going to vote or if you promote ideas like making what we have better. If anyone says let’s organize several huge national grassroots movements with very specific goals and work around the system like the civil rights movements of the 60’s (with the intention of writing new legislation, amending the constitution, etc.) you are laughed at. I said, “Let’s figure out what we want to change and talk about how to it get it done…” again more crickets. Everyone wants to bitch and complain but no one wants to actually get anything done,organize, or do any work. And isn’t it funny; just like out in the political world, the same dynamics are created. A handful of loudmouths that are natural leaders intimidate and speak on everyone’s behalf and the sheep who are the sheep out here are still the sheep in these groups afraid to speak out against the self titled leaders that ensure no productive conversations are had. I saw many of these leaders that acted more like online trolls do everything in their power to make every conversation into some existential debate. No one can follow any thought through from start to finish all conversations are circular and go no where and often spin into more illuminati rothchilds tangents ad nauseaum. 
Well I have a new conspiracy theory for you; I think that the wealthy elite are still controlling the masses even online in these groups and forums. They don’t spend billions of dollars on lobbyist buying out political campaigns and politicians, think tanks, marketing, and control the media for nothing! They don’t want you voting or participating or knowing how the system works! They don’t want people organizing and trying to actually educate and teach people anything worthwhile. They want you to keep spreading messages about how big and scary and greedy and powerful they are because they know the more people that know about them the more they will be too scared and intimidated to do anything about it.
Re-think the leaders of these groups and start to really think critically about what information is being spread. We have amazing tools at our fingertips and wonderful opportunities to make some major changes. I wish there was a couple websites and networks of people with list of movements that are happening all across the unites states filled with people that are actively making things happen and with list of ways we can get organized and involved. We need some type of central organization and system. We need more online activist doing work like I am spreading information and helping to organize and make things happen. We need grassroots think tanks to provide activist that are not as confident with talking points and quick one line rebuttals so they have more confidence and are not easily intimidated by bullies online. You have a right to your voice. You have a right to speak up in these groups and we need to stop letting bullies and trolls and what I suspect are paid infiltrators to shut us up. It’s okay to ask questions, have ideas, not know everything. It doesn’t matter if you have been to college or not if you don’t know how the political system works don’t let anyone shame you or intimidate you into being able to learn or share your ideas. This is your country. These are your groups. This is your voice. Use it. 
If anyone wants to get started wants some ideas on how they can get involved I would be happy to start collecting names and information. I think an outside grassroots movement is what is needed to undermine elite power and control. I think we need to amend the constitution and end corporate personhood that alone is going to be a monumental feat. There are a few documentaries I would suggest every American watch right now a couple are on Netflix;
-Michael Moore’s, Where to Invade Next ( So many things covered) 

-Sugar Coated (Powerful! Relates to deception and corruption in the FDA childhood obesity and the health epidemic)

-The Brainwashing of my Dad ( about the right wing media machine and its impact on one woman’s father)
I have some other great books and documentaries I am always on the lookout for the movers and shakers out there leaders that are helping to birth a new society that are tackling issues in an original way. 

Let’s start organizing and finding ways we can start turning all of this around. We need to think bigger and more strategic and start to use these groups better.

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3 responses to “Activism & Social Media; Use Facebook Groups Strategically”

  1. Haizakokaru says:

    Some good points, but there is also a perspective one may want to consider:

    There is a lot of focus on the present government, but not-so-much the aftermath of this government.

    What would it look like for us to organize community housing in x neighborhood y miles away from civilization? What sort of recycling services must one enable for their area to be eco-friendly? Can some of us get together to cook food, produce music, build something for the general good of the people? How could that be done? In a world where our present company has long subsided, how would tribal life work in conjunction with the internet and our globalized systems? What sort of trading and bartering systems could be modeled? What would that model look like?

    But again, finding answers for the above questions may disconnect a bit too much from the present, as you bring to attention, but the need for action rather than talk is definitely necessary.

    8.5/10 read!

  2. Trading and Bartering, sustainable living would be awesome! Not sure what you mean about the aftermath of this government but I like how your thinking!

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