Exercise #1; Head, Heart, or Intuition?

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gutLearn about the built in Instincts and guidance system we all have.

Hone in your intuition. Fifth Dimensional Living will be more and more about understanding your own energy,

it’s energetic patterns, reading it’s signals, and reading the subtle energy of others.

So much is said without speaking.

Practice makes perfect.

Here is a free tip and exercise you can try on your own.

-Step One
Join a new online group
The best way to practice this is with NEW people strangers online in groups.

-Step Two
Get involved in conversations, give your opinions, comments, share etc.

-Step Three
Pay attention to the people you get a bad or uncomfortable feeling about and then interact with them. If it turns into a bad or negative conversation you will realize you could have avoided it by recognizing it before hand and not engaging.

-Step Four
Don’t take it personal and disengage
This really isn’t about judgement it’s about staying in your flow and learning to avoid potentially harmful situations and developing more of psychic sensing. We can use our head heart and intuition to make choices.

-Step Five
Keep practicing until you no longer need to double check wether what you are sensing is correct or not. When you get this down, then you are ready for the next exercise sensing the four types of energetic manipulations or control dramas and not getting trapped in strange interactions with people.

Learning to determine real fear and warning systems which is based on instincts and energy you are sensing versus paranoia which is fear coming from your mind is something that’s been well written about by scholars and forensic investigators. I highly recommend reading the book, The Gift Of Fear by Gavin de Becker he is a forensic criminologist who is hired to help in criminal investigations he also teaches about instinct, intuition, and real fear and the animal instincts we are all born with he has been featured on Oprah and his work is widely known.

Check out my blog for more tips about Grounding and Psychic Defense

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