Expand the mainstream card market to include ” real life” issues; empower the consumer with options.

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WHY DO WE GIVE AND BUY CARDS ONLY WHEN PEOPLE ARE ALREADY HAPPY LIKE ON YOUR BIRTHDAY OR CHRISTMAS ? (this is the card industries most lucrative and most popular categories)

Why not give out cards when you really could use a card – like when you need to be cheered up, like when you just lost your job, your broke, suicidal, just lost it all? Years ago I tried starting a greeting card company and a project that I was very passionate about and the idea still has not left me so I  thought I would post this and put out feelers for serious collaborators.  I was all gung ho about this project and convinced a friend to be the illustrator  got her all inspired it and revved up then lacking vision and understanding she bailed on me.  I don’t think she ever understood what I was trying to do and didn’t believe we could pull off something like this. I took it as a major rejection and put the idea off for several years. It was the marriage of my sense of humor, creativity, and political activism, as I wanted to start a national discussion about suicide. I recently started sharing this idea with others and would love to find serious people to collaborate with, illustrators, graphic artist to maybe get some funding and find a way to make this happen. I have some ideas of how to get this done so If your interested let me know I thought I would just post this out there and plant a seed maybe it could be a project that could involve many people. I don’t even care if someone steals this idea but that would be stupid, I can sell this idea better than anyone, especially with the story that comes along with how this idea was born, and how I tell the story.

I wanted to start a controversial and funny greeting card line that really is about starting a national discussion about mental health.   I don’t just want to just start a discussion I want to change the world and change the way the mainstream sees and treats themselves and people that are going through hard times and do it all through greeting cards and comedy.

I came up with a greeting card line several years ago when I myself was going through a hard time I have been suffering with suicidal depression my whole life and it had started to get really bad after I got married. So one day I came up with these cards and I started making myself laugh, it actually cheered me up to make these cards! I told some family members and friends and they thought they were funny. My vision was not small however. I didn’t just want to make a bunch of funny dark comedy cards. I wanted to change the world. I wanted to change what we label as “alternative cards”. I started a line of cards that were cards you would give out if you you just lost your job, got a divorce, lost your pet, were just plain depressed, and cards that you could give others if you thought they were suicidal or being bullied. My thinking is; why do we give and buy cards only when people are already happy like on your birthday or Christmas? Why not when you really could use a card – when you need to be cheered up.

I mean are these everyday problems really alternative as these greeting cards companies suggest? They say there is not a market for this, but I massively disagree. I think the market absolutely exist it’s just not popular because we live in a fake world where we all pretend everything is okay, but who are we kidding ? Suicide and bullying is on the rise, we just don’t talk about it. Let’s make it okay to. I would like to give the everyday consumer an option while they are at the local cvs or grocery store the option to buy a card to cheer up their neighbor or friend who maybe is going through a really hard time the option of seeing suicide as a viable category right next to all the other traditional subjects like Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversary, Bereavement. I came up with 50 cards and a business plan.. they are funny cards but I really needed partners and an illustrator or graphic artist. It’s a big vision….

People that suffer from mental illness and depression are some of the best actors there are out there and its because of social taboos that keep it that way. Let’s change this world-let’s save some lives and get honest


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  1. Patrice says:

    I am an artist interested in working with you on cards.

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