How do we foster unity consciousness ? By creating institutions or customs that transcend social divisions and borders.

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How do we foster unity consciousness ? By creating institutions or customs that transcend social divisions and borders. What the hell do I even mean by that? How do we accomplish this ? Is there science behind this? I believe that a lack of a unifying tradition, sport, or institution is the reason we can’t seem to come together to solve larger social and political problems that we are all facing. Because it doesn’t exist, we are not bonded to each other in crucial ways that would foster natural chemicals that would lead to compassion and care. I believe that changing social norms and creating institutions that foster camaraderie among all people are absolutely necessary going forward to build a new cohesive  paradigm. We can start right in our own homes by  changing our relationship to our self our families, neighbors, and friends. Everything is connected and inter-related and has a ripple effect in our society. This  isn’t conjecture or ideology, it’s a fact. No man is an island we all need each other and inter-depend upon each other and are impacted by what happens to everyone.  We have superficially  created many borders and divisions but at the end of the day we are still influencing each others lives.

Let’s look at our own lives. The dysfunctional dynamics that exist in our country are a macrocosm of a what exist within the microcosm of our own lives,  families, and communities. If you look at the small patterns you see the larger ones. If you want to see the rest of the country work together  and see people learn to co-exist despite superficial differences;  we have to improve  the way we treat each other and the way we treat ourselves and our families. We have lost a fundamental connection to the earth and each other due to an exploitative and capitalistic society  that thrives off competition. It’s an us” versus “them” mentality ” dog eat dog world”. We are separated by race, class, gender, sexuality, image, health, age, music, language, education, and this has had disastrous consequences.  Politically and socially we only represent or care  about our own specific needs and don’t care about  listening to the needs of other groups. Why don’t we care about them?  Because we don’t have empathy or compassion.  How can we change this? How do we open our hearts and minds to  the needs of each other and learn how our experiences might actually differ from each other and develop tolerance and patience?


We have to create it.  There is no ” thing” sports team, music, or institution that brings us all together. Was there ever?  I think the closest thing we have ever had to unity consciousness is the We are the World Song created for LiveAid.  It’s not enough to share memes and ideas if you don’t live this in your life. Live it online.  I think we can change  the public and private discourse or zeitgeist by creating new opportunities for us to come together and bond. As light-workers and activist we have our work cut out for us; it’s going to take some  time to go from a “me” mentality culture  to a ” we” mentality society but I don’t think it needs to be as  hard as we are making it.  I don’t think we have to worry about ” waking” everyone else up in fact that could create a lot more problems. Maybe all we have to do is focus  on this one demographic ( the people who are already awake) and experiment with our vast network of online social groups? Let’s find unity and cohesiveness in these groups.


A fundamental challenge we face is lack of connection and physical bonding at our most basic institutions.  I am not suggesting that a national group hug is the answer but maybe the lack of physical touch in our society is  part of the problem. We are social creatures that need physical touch to survive.  Do you know why touch it’s important in helping to create bonds? Touch  builds up cooperative relationships—it reinforces reciprocity between our primate relatives, who use grooming to build up cooperative alliances. Maybe we are not so different from other mammals and primates? It’s scientifically proven that a marriage and union won’t sustain itself if there is a lack of intimacy and physical connection. We need to be physically bonded in some way to our partner to maintain the connection or the marriage crumbles and we grow distant.  chemicals like oxytocin are  released and neural pathways in our brain are altered when we physically connect, this is part of the bonding process. Is it any wonder we can’t get it together in this country when we are so completely disconnected and cut off from each other in some fundamental ways? How many marriages would improve if we fixed this issue.

For further reading on the importance of touch.

Look at how many institutions that exist that bond all males together; sports, bars, strip clubs, national organizations, clubs. Many males seem to have this bond and universal connection that I haven’t seen with women, maybe this is contributing to a patriarchal society? Maybe patriarchy is divisive? How do men treat women? How do women treat other women? Let’s start more groups where women can come together and share and encourage each other. I have a group we would be happy to have you. If this doesn’t work for you start your own. Let’s start dismantling the competitiveness and start talking about it openly.

We need to understand how our individual thinking and behavior contributes to the whole problem.  No man is an island yet in many ways we are trying to exist as one. The dog eat dog mentality the eye for an eye mentality that is part of the problem. Want to change the world? Change the simple things in your life; how we treat customer service people on the telephone when your annoyed, how we think about and treat our noisy neighbors, how we drive and handle traffic on a Friday evening. These are the things that matter. We have to treat each other with more respect, compassion, and patience. Be willing to listen to someone else’s perspective and validate it no matter if you agree or what you think you know. Take the time to listen. It cost nothing.


 We are all one but we don’t act like we are all one.  Look at your Facebook friends list; is it diverse? Do you mingle among ethnicities, races, gender, ages? Or does everyone look more like you ? Do you respect people who look differently than you ? Do you respect people that believe in different religions? That have different styles and ways of expressing themselves? Many people say they do but it doesn’t extend to others in deeper ways. We think we like Mexicans for example  because we like their food but we don’t necessarily respect them; we wouldn’t hang out with them, we wouldn’t  want to listen to the needs of their community  to fight to ensure that they receive equitable treatment. See the disconnect? No offense to Mexicans( I am Mexican American and Puerto Rican). We have to act like we are all family in all ways can you imagine the country we would have if we cared in that way?

This country is represented by millions of families and individual marriages, if we just worked on improving that can you imagine the impact it would have?  How is your relationship with your spouse? Or your pets? With yourself? I believe by strengthening our relationship to ourselves and our families and learning to be more tolerant, forgiving, and respectful we could change the world. It would create ripples in the collective conscious that we would tangibly feel. We have to learn to love our neighbor truly and take the time to understand them and their perspective. We need to individually look within ourselves and look at our behavior how we treat others especially what we do when no one is looking to understand our role in the collective problems we are facing. Let’s start in these groups lets talk to each other with respect and not judge people or discriminate because people talk, think, act, dress, and behave differently. Let’s get some teamwork going. Let’s stop the abuse and meanness. Let’s dismantle  the social hierarchy in our minds and competitiveness and  the belief that  some people are better than others. Let’s stop worrying about waking people up and work on better communications with those that already are here ready to do the work .

Just some ideas. I would love to hear yours. Hug someone today. Get those bonds going.





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