Light-workers unite; to heal racism and send energy healing to end hatred in the U.S

Posted On: December 23, 2015 | Time: 2:56 am | 11 comments

  Any other reiki healers,starseeds, light-workers,shamans,indigos, and crystals  want to do send out some collective reiki, healing, grids, and any other form of energy healing for the collective issue of racism and hatred in the united states? I was so heartbroken hearing about Sandra Bland it made me cry, feel suffocated, and feel like I had just been punched in the stomach. It feels so wrong. I am so tired of hearing about these cases.  I just want to do something about it. I am a starseed, a healer and a political activist and I know we are powerful little wizards that have so much magic inside of us let’s use it differently. Let’s heal this. Can you imagine if we could get 10,000 light-workers or more working on this issue?

What would happen if we organized and mobilized many  talented and powerful starseeds, energy healers, reiki healers, psychics, shamans, etc. and at the same time? Not to vote, scream, or sign petitions, but to pray and send powerful healing? A wise teacher once told me some esoteric  secrets about  energy healing. (1) you could do anything you wanted if you are using love and you don’t have to get credit for it. (2) Every time you heal someone else you get a healing for yourself. (3) It’s all about your intention and how much love and faith you feel.

Let’s do this? Why not?   What if we organized a huge movement at the same time; hundreds of thousands of lightworkers, starseeds, indigos, shamans,psychics, anyone that felt called or interested to heal this situation? Maybe not at all once but in many groups. I want to give away the Munay-Ki in poor neighborhoods and to communities that would not normally not  be able to receive these rights.  If you have received the Munay-Ki, you could give them away too especially to heal the DNA and wounds of racism. I have heard of many different types of energy healing. But let’s organize and  do all kinds of healing  for this issue mainly let’s set some dates to send healing on 3 specific dates.

Do something with the pain; Racism has been something that has affected me deeply and personally but it affects all of us especially the light-workers and empaths that get bogged down in all the dark energy. It occurred to me that I should channel my pain and transmute into healing, I did that with all my enemies in life,  why not this?  I know my healing and my energy is powerful it helps create powerful shifts, can you imagine if we all did it together? It’s another way to channel and work with the energy.

Let’s organize a huge political reiki healing movement for the united states with as many people as we can. Let me know if your interested I am gonna gather my thoughts, think of how to organize this.  I  would love to hear suggestions of when this would be a good time and how. I think we could all work in our sacred space and I could take the lead on sending anyone and everyone that wanted to participate an object that would be blessed and activated to use in their grid.  Let me know if you are interested and let me know anyway you want to help get this accomplished.

I will need help with volunteers, passing on this data and getting organized.

I mean …..

I seriously want to organize a huge pow wow of healers, drummers, musicians, lightworkers of all kinds to sing and dance and pray and send healing to the world specifically to help some of the insane race stuff happening in the U.S. 

Can you imagine a Woodstock that was about healing and praying and energy work and singing and dancing to bring our photos, our stories, our pain all the suffering and pray for all the souls that have lost their life to hatred and senseless race violence. Get all the KKK stuff, confederate flags,

Donald Trump and all that nonsense in a huge fire pit and burn up the fear and ignorance. We are all one its insane ! Can you imagine the Impact that we could have ? 

How insanely difficult do you think that would be? Instead of arguing or trying to change those people let’s focus all of our energy on healing them.

Thank you and Namaste ,



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11 responses to “Light-workers unite; to heal racism and send energy healing to end hatred in the U.S”

  1. Diarah says:

    You are right, racism can be healed with energy. Is there someone out there that has made healing racism their focus and have done effectively on specific individuals?

    • I’m looking to find them and planning to collaborate with many people that’s why I posted this. Yes there are many light-workers that work on ley lines …if it don’t exist I am gonna invent it. I’m not gonna waste my time proving anything. The rites I will be giving away heal DNA … I have many ideas. Let me know if your interested. Energy work is like magic you can’t waist time trying to prove it exist it works. The right people know it does.

  2. namast8 says:

    This resonated with me so much! I am right you. I KNOW this is the time space to propel the end of racism, in this lifetime. #lightworkersunite

  3. John says:

    White supremacy is NOT the only racism there is. Try living in any Chinatown in any city. If you are not chinese, you will never be accepted. I lived in China before and experienced discrimination first hand. However Chinese communities in our own country will often discriminate against non chinese. That is racism too. For instance, when two chinese get into a fist fight. Nobody cares. But if a non chinese gets into a fist fight with a chinese, many chinese bystanders will jump in and attack whoever the foreigner is. Pure racism. They need healing.

  4. This post was to attract like minded healers not attract a debate. I’m not in the business of changing minds and convincing others to think my way.

    • I had this idea yesterday. Did you try it? Did it help? Can you tell me anything?? I feel so helpless, after Charlottesville. I think that I can use reiki to make a difference.
      Please tell me about your experiences! Thank you!

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