Planetary Ascension & 5 D Earth

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The earth is undergoing massive energetic changes as a whole and we are experiencing these shifts individually. There are many individuals writing about their awakenings and journeys on blogs , you tube videos, and Instagram and even some that have written books. If you are just beginning to awaken it will be helpful to you to know that there are those much higher up in the process that are teaching about the Ascension  process and have an understanding of the larger global planetary shift we are undergoing into the 5th dimension. I began my process in 2003 but did the bulk of my healing 2012-Feb 2015. It was only until recently that all these pieces started coming together and I began to make sense of it all. But I had been hearing about this planetary shift that would happen for years.

Many have known about this huge shift; I first remember hearing about it back in 2003 at the beginning of my awakening. I had a very out of this world experience and began seeking and reading like a mad lady! Lol Some of the books I remember reading back then were; The Celestine Prophecy and Vision, Earth-The Pleiadian Keys to the living library, Edgar Cayce Readings, The Mayan Prophecy, the Fifth Dimension by Vera  Stanley  Adler, The Initiation of The Earth and then I was having many mystical experiences and visions and the earth herself began speaking to me. There were so many more books that I read but many people have known this would be happening-the Return of Christ Counciousness!

I still feel I have more ascending to do, but I think this will be very helpful for those just beginning to wonder what is going on.  There are nine veils of separation and 4 dark nights of the soul the last being the most brutal. I feel I am at level 8 and have experienced all four dark nights as the last three years were absolutely brutal. I was chronicling my journey a year and a half  ago on Instagram so please check it out, there is a wealth of information on my page about a wide variety of things that may be helpful to you but I am going to be writing and blogging as much as I can about about what the ascencion process was like for me.  

Don’t forget every person’s journey and spiritual lessons are different depending on what you came here to learn and what Karma  you need to clear so you will want to read individual stories depending on what you had to work on spiritually. I had to work on healing Victim Patterns ( Fighting Bullies), Issues with Identity (Owning who I am overcoming shame), Boundaries, Healing Complex PTSD for Sexual Abuse and Healing Severe Abandonment Issues, and healing  Suicidal Depression.  Keep in mind other people will have different things that they have worked on so reading many stories might help. I am going to try and have links to other stories that had my similar issues to work through. There are, as you can imagine so many variables in this human experience.

What I have come to know for a fact is that we are in fact luminous beings learning spiritual lessons in a human body.

Here are some links to great resources and very helpful websites. These are the leaders and pioneers much further along in the Ascension process that are leading us into this huge shift we are making into the NEW 5 D Earth. I will continue to redefine what that means as I continue to learn more and more everyday.  These sites have a library of information about the Ascension process, healing, and other news and events.

Please check out these websites for more information;

Look under the Ascension Pull Down Menu for information regarding body changes and other Q & A

Check out


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