The Finding of The Third Eye

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I wanted to share a book I read, loved, and studied years ago. How I got the book is even a little bizarre and a perfect example of this other type of site that you develop when your third eye is open. 😳😜👀😺I was wandering around at Barnes and Noble on a Friday night in the early 2000’s and used my third eye to buy it! I had no idea why I was drawn to it but I felt magnetized to it, and it literally hopped in my lap in a very weird way! I tried putting it down twice because it made no logical sense why I would be drawn to I knew nothing about it, but I kept it in my hands along with a stack of others books I was looking at. I had a very bizarre experience and was searching high and low at everything mystical and spiritual because I knew nothing about God or religion or any of this stuff. So here I am walking around the bookstore with a huge stack of books, and I suddenly ran into a friend who was very excited to see me. We used to work together and go out dancing she thought it was bizarre I was reading on a Friday night at 23 years old lol! 👀👄📚I used to be quite the dancing queen!! 💃👠💅💋💍So anyways, we chatted for a bit and when we were saying our goodbyes she did something weird and said, ” I am buying this for you -I insist!” And she grabbed this book from the bottom of the stack! It was so bizarre and synchronistic! 👀💘🌐I knew I was meant to read it! It was originally written in 1938 and many Hippies in the 60’s loved it. It’s a great book and I found it free online thought I would share.

  She summarizes our philosophical relationship to the past by comparing it with the discoveries of modern science, and surveys the techniques of working with breath, color, sounds, numbers, diet and exercise. Finally she discusses the functions of the third eye, astrology, meditation, and their ultimate aims. She condenses a lot of spiritual text and science. You combine this with Quantum Physics and String theory it’s mind boggling!!!!!🙈✌️🌋

“Written in 1938, Alder acknowledges the Theosophical Society as taking the first steps in the reawakening of the Ancient Wisdom in this dawning Aquarian Age, yet steers clear of their Eastern-biased dogma as she presents her own enlightened wisdom.”      ~Mandala Books

Enjoy a free E-Copy click on the Book!

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