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THE WESTERN WORLD NEEDS A major overhaul in priorities and values. This, “me” “me” “me” look at me, my stuff, my accomplishments  attitude has to go!

Look at this picture below ; To me one of the saddest aspects to this scenario is all the people that look the other way from this and pretend not to know or see and you know why? It’s because as a society we value some people more than others. The people that make enough to pay their rent the “haves” don’t value everyone’s else contribution and see anything wrong with how much everyone’s else is struggling and how much less they have to live on. 



Even sadder is the plight of those struggling yet trying to keep up with the illusion that their doing just fine.
Spending more money on beauty products services, gadgets, clothing, fill in the blank ________It’s easy to see why, it’s so the well-to -do treat them with equal respect and dignity. Talk about adding insult to injury.

The ” haves” just keep looking the other way and keep on sipping their expensive lattes and organic juices, going on their vacations, buying expensive clothes,gadgets, and meaningless stuff. Looking down in secret at all the ” losers” . Don’t kid yourself we don’t live in a meritocracy where we earn as much as our efforts that such bs.  Just pick yourselves up by your bootstraps ? Many people work extremely hard sometimes three times harder than everyone else just to try and keep up and get ahead. I was one of those persons. I was so intense and ambitious for several years at one point I was working 90 hours a week going to school full time and working and doing all my healing and therapy and working out to heal from my severely impoverished background and manage my mental health issues a life of ignorance and poverty hands you in abundance. I eventually had a major nervous breakdown and almost lost my life.

And, it’s not just me I am just one of the few with the courage and lack of shame to talk about it candidly and so openly. So many people out there working their tail off getting no where. It’s honestly disgusting to me. I am happy I had my breakdown because it made me see I was searching for all the wrong things “looking for love in all the wrong places”. I had it all wrong and so do many of you. 

Steve Jobs the great architect and inventor and one of my biggest heroes taught us that we don’t have to accept the world as it is we can imagine and create a new world. So things are all messed up, let’s go fix it.  I mean the man created an entire   industry and convinced millions of people to buy a product that they didn’t know they needed. It’s like it came out of thin air . But we did need it, we just couldn’t see it. ( I highly suggest reading his biography the last one is a real page turner) 

What do we as a society need now ? When I see people looking down on others for not being as financially successful, my heart breaks. I’ve had a major spiritual transformation from my breakdown and have chosen to go down a path that feels divinely inspired, driven and meaningful. I know I matter we all matter. Giving and service is a big part of what brings me joy. Love and being loving that’s really where it’s at. It’s the hole we are all trying to fill with stuff.

No judgement to the ” haves”. I know this is a complicated multi faceted scenario that’s not fair any way you look at it,but let’s Wake up people, shits going to hell in a hand basket! It’s time we all take some responsibility for all of these problems. One person can make a huge difference! 

We equally need teachers, janitors, electricians, waitresses, healers, retail clerks, postal clerks, doctors, lawyers, dentist, artist, musicians, hairdressers, engineers, dry cleaners, etc. It’s time to start valuing everyone equally and even the playing field in so many context.  Don’t we all deserve a decent quality of life. I personally would be happier knowing we are all doing well or at least better. 

What if we just shared more ? I see so many starting to live more like this. Let’s at least start a dialogue. Let’s stop looking the other way.

The earth is one; humans along with animals, the natural world we exist as one Eco System -We need each other. We need everyone’s contribution. This is not a philosophical or existential concept this is a fact. When many of us suffer we all will be impacted and suffer in some way . Maybe not at first but eventually. I think it’s becoming more and more obvious that we all have one friend one person that killed themself, that died of cancer,that can’t pay their bills, that is late on something ,  that is struggling deeply or just disappeared off Facebook . Let’s start realizing that their pain is ours too because sooner or later we will be impacted by what happens to that person. Together we can fix this all and undermine the corrupt infrastructure by helping each other more. At least that’s a start.




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