God/Goddess/Energy/Love is a Super Computer

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To say that I believe in everything might be really aggravating if you have strong beliefs about what you think you know and if you were raised religious and/or  if you are a staunch atheist and believe all of it or none of it is real. Maybe you think it’s the byproduct of an overactive imagination, but I can assure you this is not the case.

My beliefs are based on an out of body shamanic journey I experienced back in 2003 when I left my body and saw myself as a particle of light. I saw my aunt that  had passed away less than a year prior  to this experience as a body of light as well. I had a very hard time with her death, it was earth shattering literally for me. When this happened  I traveled through different dimensions and I even saw a past life and she showed me that we had been best friends or sisters in another life and medicine women or shamans. I was not raised with religion and had no recollection of any of spiritual or religious experiences prior to this. I didn’t even have the terminology to know what had happened after my “experience” which by the way terrified me at the time! I only became afraid when I realized when I was in my light body  that I was currently “Alexis” and that heavy vibration of fear kicked me out of my body. After that time, I began a very deep spiritual quest to try and understand what I had seen. I began studying many religions, metaphysics and ancient wisdom. I also began meditating hiking and communing with nature. I have had so many mystical and unexplainable experiences,visions, and synchronicities since then, I don’t doubt  myself at all or the information I receive anymore.

All I can share is what I have seen in the language and viewpoint that is familiar to me.  In a nutshell there is an energy that lives in all things.  This energy has created all things. This energy has created more creative things that continually create  more creative things. It lives in us, it lives in everything. It is alive it can change its form according to the creative entity  harnessing it. That energy is one energy expressing itself in billions of different ways. Our lives, our consciousness can only see a tiny fraction of all that is because we are only a tiny part of all that it has created and therefore it’s impossible to see the entire picture.

Put another way , what if one word or thing had a billion different names ? What if that one thing  appeared to some as Jesus, to others as Mohammed and others as a mathematical equation? Can you see how as hundreds of years pass our language and science and understanding of language and science continually change and  evolve?

An atheist recently asked me, “How  can you say science was right years ago and that science is an expression of God,  when science is consistently proven wrong and changing? We proved the sun didn’t revolve around the earth. We proved that the earth was not flat …??!!”

And my response was, “yes, but prior to that understanding, the science of the past was right for a period of time before our understanding changed. So the period before the change was still correct and the period after was correct. It is the same with religion”.  Wherever we are in our understanding it is also correct and it will consistently shift and change as we do. Ever notice how new pastors and ministers interpret the bible differently and change with the modern time?

So let’s just say based on the premise of my theory;that God/Goddess/Love energy is super creative it’s the smartest computer we can possibly imagine. It’s so intelligent it can communicate and change its ” language” and tailor it’s programs according to the intelligence and understanding of its “user”. So God/Goddess/Energy/Love is a mega computer henceforth known as “I” and if I want to speak and show myself to a ten year old because he is praying very hard and wants to know me maybe I’m going to try to explain very complex things in the language that the ten year old can understand with images the ten year old is familiar with but at the same time since I can be a billion places at once like a computer I could also simultaneously be tailoring  my programming and language to an Indian  physicist or a n a american lawyer from the East Coast, or a teenager In South America. “I” am also so smart I also know how to tailor my program and languages to users that run old programming languages; so if the have spent their whole life as a Muslim , or Catholic,  or a Buddhist I know it would be too confusing to change their program now so I will continually communicate in whatever language and program tailored to the needs of my user-communicating in a way that is familiar and comfortable. I am like a computer but I am also like a father, mother, uncle, and just long to love and comfort my creation even though I know if it’s a human it has the ability to write its own code and language and algorithm. Can you see how all of our beliefs and experiences are all correct and can continually evolve yet simultaneously stay the same?

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