Why is there so much poverty in the U.S?

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There are many different types of poor people. People born into poverty or poor family systems that you have to take care of or that hold you down financially, those suffering with illness, sickness, and then there is poverty for non conformist, dreamers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and other creative types. I am sure there are many other types of poor people and reasons why they are poor.
Essentially I think we stigmatize the poor for many reasons; 1)because we believe America is a meritocracy; We believe everyone can pick themselves up by their bootstraps and be successful and we don’t think it’s necessary to be poor in this very wealthy country 2) We don’t always see the obstacles in others way we assume we all have equal opportunities and start out at the same place in life but that’s not true. 3)We also as a country are incredibly self absorbed,self obsessed, and highly competitive; we only think of our own success and don’t really care about helping others because we want to be better than everyone else. 4)We assume poor people must be lazy people, which is in fact not totally true and then we condemn people that are truly struggling and asking for help.
The only way to be successful In this American model is if your a conformist that goes along with everyone else and never expresses any real individuality. Wear what others are wearing, listen to the same music, get jobs everyone else gets so you can buy stuff that everyone else buys, but it’s all a big trap. You also need to be cold, competitive,have no real compassion or empathy for others and be very narcissistic.
That stuff doesn’t always bring meaning and soul happiness -that’s why so many Americans are addicted to something and take so much medication people are miserable and have to constantly be engaged in their addiction or watching tv or distracting themselves to cope.
Look at the artist musicians,writers,dancers, healers,and anyone else trying to do something new and unique in this country, they have a really tough time these people are often poor because they don’t want to work at a meaningless corporate job that would suck the life and soul out of them many of them became creative or different because of deep emotional and psychological trauma and are forced to take the harder road of following their hearts and their passion and their dreams. Then everyone punishes them for being non conformist unless they somehow succeed monetarily.
It’s just a big mess. I’ve been on both sides of the coin and I think it’s time to start re defining what it means to be wealthy and what it truly means to be poor. Ive met some very wealthy successful people that are some of the poorest and saddest people I’ve ever met.
Hopefully, the creative awake stubborn non conformist spiritual class turns things around. I know many of us are working really hard at trying to think outside the box to change this system or use it differently or change it from the inside. I give hours and hours and hours of my time for free;activism, service, healing, and I am not alone a lot of us out there do this. It takes people crazy enough to think they can change this, that are not defined by money, that don’t care anymore, that have been through hell to try. We have nothing more to lose only more to gain at this point.

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